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Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 The State Education Department has set up a School Management Committee for easy and public administration of primary schools i.e. SMC members are appointed from the village for all the educational as well as administrative guidance of the primary school in the village.  SMC members take care of school administration as well as educational matters as well as duties as per many rules regarding children's education.

 All SMC members are also trained by the education department at regular intervals. School Management Committee School Management and Development  The teleconference has been organized on 16 3 2020 through the state level Baysag broadcast of the committee which has been constituted. In the teleconference, it has been decided to guide all the members of SMC on some important issues in the position of Additional State Project Director. 


Therefore, on this date, all the principals of the primary school have called all the members of SMC and the school has arranged to show the specific guidance and broadcast regarding this Baysag broadcast.  There are some important issues in the broadcast of this brother such as Accounting, Administrative Maintenance, Special Training, Vocational Training Program, Transition, Red GB and Girls' Education.  At the level all the members have to make solid arrangements for the schools to attend this teleconference. SMC members have to make arrangements for me to watch the teleconference broadcast in all the primary and secondary schools and follow the guideline of Govind nineteen in this teleconference. 

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 At the school level, the cost of tea, coffee and snacks at the rate of Rs. 20 per member is provided under the district budget for training. As per the rules, it has to be spent within a certain limit.  And taking the guide along with this will have to follow the specific time and planning as per the outline

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