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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Std 6 to 8 first sem paper varshik parixa 2018

 Every teacher and headmaster of the school has different strengths and abilities. They use these institutions to plan and manage the classroom and do not solve the basic problems and difficulties that arise on a daily basis. Size Natural Material Teacher and the standard of teaching. 

 It is important for the teacher and educator to make sure that they take the initiative before they provide the leadership of the day to day problems and ultimately contribute to the effectiveness of the school as shown above.  Information and experimental communication play a crucial role for the environment and growth in terms of the creation of a set of different technological tools and the creation of speech covers the recovery of hands-on operations such as sending and receiving digital information. Mae Samata attaches that person to trust.  Each other

The benefits of online testing

 • The child can recognize his dormant powers

 • The child can evaluate himself at his own convenience

 ઓનલાઇન Giving online test every day also makes it fun to study.

 • As the online test is optional and the result is obtained immediately, its intelligence capacity is increased

 • Online tests strengthen the child's grip on the subject

 • The online test can be given by the child at his / her convenience and he / she can develop thematic understanding

 • Since the process of online test is easy, there is a very convenient method for every child.

 હોવાથી Since there are very few questions in the online test, the child can evaluate himself quickly even in a short time

 • Parents can also sit with their child and watch the online test process and know their child's progress

 • Online test teaches the child the virtue of punctuality as well as technology skills.

 • The online test is locked to give it to the child as well as it is interesting.

 • Online test has less scope for errors and more speed

 • In the online test, the child can also increase his dormant powers

ધોરણ 6 થી 8 વર્ષ 2018 પ્રથમ પરિક્ષા ના પેેેપર અને સોલ્યુશન


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