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Monday, April 12, 2021

All the government employees leave cancel

 Epidemic In the days of the Corona epidemic, there is no area left in the rural as well as urban areas where the Corona is not knocked out. More and more people are being infected with the Corona. The new wave of Corona is now sweeping the entire family.  It is reasonable to assign various tasks to the employees. Recently, all the employees of District Panchayat and Vadodara Panchayat have been ordered to be on stand-by.  If the employees working in the agencies are ordered to work on holidays even if they are infected, they will have to work and join the government-run operations. The order is being issued by the district development officer  The leave has been instructed to be denied

More and more corona infected people are jumping and jumping in the Vadodara district metropolis. All government hospitals and private hospitals are now housefull from corona infected.  But as the outbreak spreads, the infected people are being admitted to a hospital in a nearby taluka center and there is an urgent need for new ones.

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