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Friday, April 16, 2021

Government of gujarat has taken decision for people covid 19 positive remdesiver injection

 The biggest decision to make is remedivir injection

 RT-PCR report is no longer mandatory for Remedicivir

 HRCT-Rapid Antigen can be found on the basis of the injection

 There is a shortage of remedial injections in the state.  So the biggest decision has been made regarding remedicivir injection.  RT-PCR reporting is no longer mandatory for remedial delivery.  Injections will also be available based on the HRCT and Rapid Antigen report.  The health department has also issued this circular in all the districts.  This decision has been made in view of the increasing transition of the corona.

The government bought 2 lakh new injections in a single day

 Along with this, the biggest news has come with taking remedivir injection.  In which the state government has purchased more than 2 lakh injections.  Injection will also be given on the basis of antigen test.  More than 2 lakh injections are being procured in a single day.  So there is a shortage of remedivir injection in the state now.

Government counsel Kamal Trivedi made a statement on Remedivivir

જાણો વધુ વિસ્તૃત વિગત ગુજરાતીમાં

 The Gujarat High Court held another hearing today.  The court had sought reply from the government in several cases.  So while talking to reporters, the government prosecutor made an important statement about Ramdesivir.  AG Kamal Trivedi said the production of remedivir is not under the control of the government.  The Food and Drugs Department also has no control over it.  

આયુષ્યમાન કાર્ડ અને માં કાર્ડ ધારક કોરોના સારવાર ફ્રી માં ખાનગી હોસ્પિટલ માં કરાવી શકશે.

With this, Kamal Trivedi said that the government has set up Kovid Centers for young children, poor classes.  And the way out of the hospital waiting in the ambulance line.  In that case SOP will come out.  And which hospital the patient is to be admitted to will be clarified first.  That was also said by the government's lawyer Kamal Trivedi.

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