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Friday, April 23, 2021

Handicap and pregnent employees of education department work from home news

 Currently, lockdowns are being imposed in all the talukas of Gujarat as well as in most of the major cities and metros due to excessive personalization of corona transition in the metropolis.

  As well as less than 50 per cent is kept so that the employees can get more and more coronation sessions. Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union as well as the Education Department of Gujarat Educational Federation.

  In such a situation those who have a hard time getting to and from school in Corona as well as keeping social distance are now given enough leave from the school to the staff as well as some sisters who are currently pregnant and work from home by the teachers union  In view of the introduction, the Department of Education has further reviewed the matter and issued a circular stating that now pregnant sisters and Div.  The Department of Education has issued a detailed circular stating that young employees do not have to come to school and have to ensure their attendance only through work from home.

 Now, such employees have to act accordingly.  It is also mentioned in the departmental circular that the education department has to take an important decision for the pregnant sisters in this way by worrying about the employees and what is their duty to do while they are at work from home so that they do not get infected immediately.  Are taken

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