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Friday, April 9, 2021

Pagar grant for education department

 More than seven,000 school members in concerning 350 grant-in-aid faculties of the state square measure nevertheless to receive their payroll check for the month of January.

This, as 0.5 the month of February is over and varied representations by the {college} members and college authorities are created to the state Department of Education. The salaries of college members and different workers members square measure deposited within their bank accounts in the initial week of each month.

When contacted, principal secretary (technical and better education) Anju Sharma same that the matter was being looked into which the problem would be resolved within the next few days. She same that such problems typically come back up throughout the month of March, the last month for a monetary accounting year

May pay in June 2021 salary grant 

Ahead of Assembly polls in Gujarat, the government has proclaimed a slew of sops for academics, workers of municipalities et al.. The polls for Gujarat state Assembly square measure due later this year.

The government same "fixed-pay" academics of government-aided secondary and better secondary faculties across the state would get a big hike in their salaries. workers of a hundred and five municipalities across the state would currently get salaries in step with the provisions of the seventh Pay Commission.

The Gujarat government conjointly raised the annual financial gain cap from Rs one.50 100000 to Rs a pair of.50 100000 for the 'Ma-Vatsalya' theme at no cost medical treatment of up to Rs a pair of 100000 for serious ailments.

"Till now, solely individuals with Associate in Nursing annual financial gain of but Rs one.50 100000 were eligible for treatment of up to Rs a pair of 100000 at any of the government-approved hospitals. currently we've got determined to boost this financial gain limit to Rs a pair of.50 lakh, in order that a lot of individuals will enjoy the Ma-Vatsalya theme," Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel told reporters in Gandhinagar yesterday.

Around 7,000 "fixed pay" academics -- whose salaries square measure fastened for 5 years -- yet as body workers of government-aided secondary and better secondary faculties are given pay hikes.

"We have determined to extend the monthly remuneration of 'fixed-pay' academics of secondary faculties from Rs sixteen,500 to Rs twenty five,000. Assistant academics, United Nations agency wont to get Rs ten,500, can currently get Rs sixteen,224. body assistants can currently get Rs nineteen,950 from this remuneration of Rs eleven,500," Patel same.

A similar raise has been approved for academics and body workers of upper secondary faculties that square measure keen about government grants, said Patel, United Nations agency handles the finance portfolio.

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