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Monday, April 12, 2021

Pfms all in one

 PFMS software system Login supported one MAKER ID username and watchword. two choose My Funds on the house page of MY FUNDS Maker ID. gap BALENCE choosing on the gap balance.  ADD gap four choosing on ADD gap BALANCE.  BALENCE five theme GJig8 choosing the theme. choosing a checking account from the checking account list box. gap seven Adding the quantity of gap balance.  BALENCE gap eight Adding the date of gap balance. choosing BALENCE group action nine BULK. sort ten SAVE Click on save button.  Approve the on top of saved gap balance by getting to the checker account as follows.  al * Approve gap balance in War account Pfms helpful information..


marks G Google - Video Search. one ADDRESS two two town ADDRESS three PIN CODE MOBILE NO.  .  --- eight nine ten eleven Details Login supported username and watchword.  Click on Masters.  Click on Vendors.  Click on Add New.  Write the complete name as per the vendor's bankbook.  Write the address in line with the bankbook. Pfms helpful information..Write the address in line with the bankbook.  Write the name of town / village.  Write the address in line with the bankbook.  City) Write the pin code of the village.  Enter the vendor's mobile variety.  Write the name of the vendor's bank.  (And press key.) Write the name of town / village of the vendor's bank branch. choose the vendor's bank branch from the check box.  Write down Winder's Pfms helpful information.. checking account variety.  Click on Add Back Detail.  Click on the Save button. normal BANK NAME thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen BRANCH  Pfms helpful information.

VENDOR registered by some other person * Sequence Details one two three Steps supported PFMS software system MAKER ID MASTERS merchantS MANAGE I SEARCH CRITERIA five Login supported username and watchword.  Click on Masters.  Click on Vendors.  Click on Manage. Pfms helpful information..ES religious text Hiel merchant NOT MAPPED WITH Search if any merchant has distinctive code.  Search if there's a vendor's account variety.  Clicking on the search button. choose the check box and choose MAP merchant. half-dozen seven distinctive CODE ACCOUNT variety SEARCH eight nine MAP merchant 


PFMS Basic information

PFMS VIDEO information


MAKER ID.  EXPENEDITURE ADD NEW theme checking account EXPENEDITURE in hot water Login supported username and watchword.  Crack on a penny.  Click on one to river. choose Veer Mor Pumpy college Account, merchant D choose.  Write down the value details. half-dozen seven LETTER / workplace ORDER NO.  SECTION DATE choose the date of the bill voucher.  ACTUAL group action DATE choose the date Pfms helpful information.. of the bill / Uchar. ten TOTAL accessible quantity TOTAL quantity NARRATION choose theme element one twelve The account balance are shown mechanically.  Write the quantity of bills / voucher expenses.  BILL DETAILS D- ANNUAL GRANT / Pfms helpful information.. D - .02 college GRANT I REVENUE TIRTH PASSUCH oo fourteen fifteen sixteen EXPENCE sort share ADD seventeen SAVE, eighteen Pfms helpful information..19 INSTRUMENT sort ADD NARRATION FOR PASSBOK.  Click on the external level and click on on the suvir button to put in writing the main points of the clicking bill on Mir, E - PAYMENT victimization PRINT recommendation.  Click on destiny Submit Core Approval P, P, Submit twenty twenty one make sure SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL Sujay


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