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Monday, April 26, 2021

Sanchalak mandal ni CM ne rajuaat

 In the current situation of medical emergency in Gujarat due to the transition of Corona, all the government and private universities in Gujarat have postponed all the exams or the situation of mass promotion has arisen. 

The government has given mass promotion to students in Std.  It has been decided by the Board of Governors for Students and Teachers that the Chief Minister as well as the Minister of Education have been repeatedly informed that in such circumstances a decision has been taken to announce the date of vacation.  

The vacation of teachers as well as the vacation of teachers is 3 days. It has been decided that the staff of teachers in educational institutions will also be 50 per cent during the transition period of corona as more and more government employees seem to be trapped in corona transition

.  But the number of teachers has been reduced to 50%. At present students are coming to school  In the meanwhile they are being educated through various home sikhiye home learning sikhiye home learning at home. Due to the increasing heat in the current summer and also the increase in the number of coronary infections, more and more government employees are announcing an instant vacation date.  Can be saved

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