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Monday, May 31, 2021


 From Gregorian calendar month one, the PF account should be connected to the Aadhaar card. With the Corona in mind, the govt has allowed withdrawals from the PF. Withdrawal won't be refunded.  All staff were allowed to withdraw the surplus quantity from their provident accounts visible  of the economic woes created thanks to.  

આ પણ વાંચો - ચિલ્ડ્રન યુનિવર્સિટી દ્વારા બાળકો માટે વિવિધ સ્પર્ધાનું આયોજન

Withdrawals created underneath this provision aren't refundable. every worker are able to withdraw his / her 3 months basic remuneration and district attorney quantity or three-dimensional of his / her total PF quantity whichever is a smaller amount.  If the worker assumes, he are able to withdraw but this quantity.  

આ પણ વાંચો-શિક્ષકોના ઉચ્ચતર પગાર ધોરણની દરખાસ્તો સ્વીકારવા બાબત જૂન અને જુલાઈ 2021માં તાલુકાવાર list

Developed a system referred to as automotive vehicle Claim Settlement method for withdrawal.  Members from PF account holders United Nations agency have completed the grasp Your client method are able to apply for immediate 


The application are mechanically accepted, processed and also the withdrawal quantity are attributable to the account inside 3 days. the govt aforementioned it'd take twenty days to induce the work done by men. it'll currently be completed in precisely three days.

The theme is specifically designed for workers with a remuneration of but fifteen,000.  Earlier, Rs 18,698.15 large integer was paid by EPFO ​​as relief throughout the Corona amount. the govt aforementioned in an officer statement that this was the second time such relief had been granted

આ પણ વાંચો 5મી જૂન વિશ્વ પર્યાવરણ દિન 30 સ્પર્ધામાં ભાગ લઈ ઇનામ જીતવાની તક લઈ લો

In March 2020, the Covid-15 relief package was proclaimed for the primary time underneath the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. the principles are amended by the workers Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

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