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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Puzzel mine sum for teachers and students

 A new education policy is currently being drafted and implemented across India to impart specialized education to the children in the educational processes going on in India as well as to nurture the talents of the children. Practical education information is provided to enable children to flourish with various activities.  

Therefore, special text books as well as textbooks for brainstorming activities as well as various types of child-centered examples, puzzles and other activities enhance the children's educational and psychological activities so that the child is motivated to learn more and more.  

The textbook provides various activities from an early age in which the child does not write directly but is based on various activities that motivate him to think and answer correctly. From an early age students can solve the whip and grow up with their various competitive exams in which problem.  solving blood relationship based instance direction end  It is also known to solve various patterns, patterns, etc. 

From the intuition of the students, the students try to learn the new way of thinking and its innovative ways in a new way and increase their knowledge to encourage the skills to the students all over India.  Therefore, competitive exams are taken from an early age, such as Navodaya Vidyalayas have been set up in every district across India to get admission in Std. 5 to Std. 8 in which even the hardest entrance exams for admission have to be talked about at an early age.  

Therefore Navodaya Vidyalaya Government Entrance Examination has to be passed. If we go to see the students in Gujarat also, if they want to get admission in Sainik School i.e. Balachhadi Jamnagar, they have to pass the entrance exam and get admission so that the textbooks were prepared in the same way.  There are different types of puzzles, such as children learn at an early age. 

Puzzel with Answer




7 - square root of 4 = ( 7 - 2 ) = 5


9 - square root of 9 = ( 9 - 3 ) = 6


11 - square root of 16 = ( 11 - 4 ) = 7


2 - square root of 4 = ( 2 - 2 ) = 0

 There are more in math because there are more ideological activities so there are more puzzles so the number of puzzles is also more. Addition Patton Subtraction Pattern Jumping Pattern Figure Pattern This Interact Identify Pattern  The curiosity to learn more is cultivated. Students have fun. At the end of any chapter in Facebook, there is a brain test activity in which the child spends more time because it is a conceptual example in which children have to take more time to solve.

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