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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Digital gujarat portal|scolarship proposal 2021-22|guide line for online entry for scolarship

 Digital gujarat portal|scolarship proposal 2021-22|guide line for online entry for scolarship

 On the digital Gujarat portal, Bakshipanch is developing guidelines for making online entry proposals for schools in the year 2021 for pre-matric scholarships as well as uniform assistance schemes for economically backward classes as well as minority NTDNT most backward classes students.  Welfare is provided here from Gujarat State Gandhinagar in which for the current year if any student fails the payment transaction while making the payment i.e. the list of students whose scholarship is not credited in the student's account updated payment in the school login utility student account  By clicking on the menu, it can be seen if the student's account is dormant, frozen or inactive.           Students can also be seen by clicking on Phone Center for Activity or Account button. Such students can be contacted by contacting the relevant bank account and reactivating the account.  If it has to be sent online to the district, if the account number of the students is misspelled, click on the Update Bank Account Details button.  

        Student bank details have to be corrected and sent online to the district. All the principals have been specially instructed by the department that as soon as the student appears in this menu, the student has to update the details and send the same details online to the office if the account is hired without activation.  If the authority is sent, such students will not be able to make online payment again. Questions on Digital Gujarat Portal and if necessary, help can be contacted on Digital Gujarat Portal's help desk number 1800 233 5500.






Scholarship 2021-22 for Students

2020 21 ની દરખાસ્ત બનાવી હોય પણ મોકલેલ ના હોય તે બાબત

2020 21 ની પ્રપોઝલ સેન્ટ ના કરી હોય તે શાળાઓની એક્સેલ ફાઈલ

     Last year's online operation on Digital Gujarat Portal is good.  The Director, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Gandhinagar and the Director, Developing Caste Welfare, Gujarat, Gandhinagar are thanked for the completion and all the online operations on the second term Gujarat Portal in Movers 2021 are expected to be completed accurately and expeditiously by September 2021.  Has come

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