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Monday, June 14, 2021

E content software for children|school syllabus video|technology education

 In addition to teaching children in schools, if they are taught using technology, the learning will be remembered in the child's mind for a long time, that is, the child will see and remember more.  The child can watch the video and remember the content for a long time

 At least one square foot of space should be provided in each classroom for each student in the class attendance sheet.

 The minimum height of these walls should be outside Nadiad in the case of attachment to the floor where roof is provided.

 A playground with kurta area should be provided

 Necessary items of school furniture such as chair major blackboard etc. should be provided

 Teachers 'and students' library books should be provided as per the permission

 Parents of children who do not want to provide them with books, slates and other items should be provided with the same amount of money as these children can get.

 Subject Curriculum books to be recognized from time to time by a recognized school but changes in the curriculum to suit local needs and adaptations may be approved on the recommendation of the school board.

The number of hours of education should be less per day in respect of first and standard students in a recognized school and not less than three and not more than five hours in respect of students of basic education clay school first and second standard or handicraft school and other students.  The matter should not be more than four and not more than six hours at a time. Teaching should not be done for more than three hours at a time. In schools where water system has been introduced, at least two hours in first and second standard and third in first and second standard.  The fourth standard can be reduced to at least three hours

 Each school is allowed to have one day in a week as a holiday and in addition the week cannot be kept on another day or in a given school vacation for less than three weeks and not more than seven weeks per year as per the local school committee.  




Decide in the school with the permission of the officer each and every time but no one should exceed one week District Education Officer will grant more than four weeks vacation in any year or Saraswati will allow more vacation in any year to suit the special situation.

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