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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Std 1 Gyansetu- Bridge course online education material

 Through Gyansetu Bridge Course, the Government of Gujarat Education Department has decided to make an online video every day through Doordarshan Girnar so that the children can repeat the previous standard education.  Can be done so that from 10th June 21 to 10st July 2021 online education is given by the education department through Gyan Setu program and it is decided to remove the waste of education to the children in repetitive form.

The part that is placed during the rainy season is called Kripa. All over India, the rainy season is from June to September when it is Jadeja. In this season, paddy, maize, soybean, groundnut, cotton etc.

 Winter crops are also said to be harvested. The period is usually from October to March.

 Crop Production and Basic Methods It is best to raise it only in the monsoon season as there is a lot of water inside. The farmer has to do various activities from time to time to raise the child. You will see that this activity is of the kind that is suitable for use or decoration.  Do this activity or work to grow plants in your backyard Agriculture Practice These procedures are as follows in which soil preparation, planting, natural and artificial fertilizers, irrigation protection, etc.

 Preparing the soil means preparation of the soil before it is ripe. Preparing the soil is the first step. Reversing and loosening the soil is important. Farming is an important task so the roots can go deep into the soil.  It is especially friendly in Russia and helps in the growth of micro-organisms. Farmers are friends because it has made the big ones up and down as well as keeps reaching them as well as adding organic matter.

 The soil you are studying in the previous standard also contains a large amount of mineral water as well as some organisms. In addition, plants and animals are decomposed by birds found in the soil. In this way some of the nutrients found in carcasses are absorbed into the soil and  Nutrients are absorbed by plants

 Because the soil up to a few centimeters above the surface largely contributes to plant growth and lifting it up and down, the nutrients flow down from the battlefield and the plant can use the nutrients to reach the bottom and stop the part.  Is extremely important for


ગણિત ગમ્મત પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF
કલરવ ગમ્મત પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF
કલકલીયો પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF

The process of moving the soil up and down is called plowing. This process is mostly done by plowing. It is made of wood or iron. If it is very happy, it needs to be watered before the kidneys.  It can be in a large part of the soil. It is called dekha. It can be broken with the help of a plank which is thicker and for sowing it is very necessary to level the whole field. This work is done by the society.  

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Date 11 /6/2021 ધોરણ 1 શાળા તત્પરતા વીડિયો જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Date 11/6/2021 video અહિ ક્લિક કરો.

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Date 14/6/2021 video ahi ક્લિક કરો.

Date 15/6/2021 વિડિયો અહી ક્લિક કરો.

Date 16/6/2021 વિડિયો અહી ક્લિક કરો

Date 19/7/2021 વિડિયો

Date 22/6/2021 વિડિયો

Sometimes natural manure is also added before cultivating the soil so that the mixture of natural manure in the soil is properly adjusted. The soil is mostly irrigated before sowing seeds in the soil.

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