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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Biasag time table |std 9 to 12

 The National Curriculum Debate 2005 was created by the National Council for Educational Research and Training, New Delhi.  Let's take a look at how important and important things are already included in the textbook. The life of education can be connected with the practice. The bar has been removed.  Children's learning has been given full attention. 

Elementary education must be in the mother tongue. Attention has been paid to the books. Anandbhai has become activity oriented and competency oriented.  Harmony customer  Safety environment protection values ​​life skills etc. Elementary school textbook curriculum and any improvements are made in the light of very familiar principles of pre-primary education.  

On the other hand, the curriculum and syllabus textbooks should be such that the teacher's experience in combining the child's temperament and progress in the classroom should be equated with the objective of teaching.  There is no need to take it in the form of a business activity or a way to put individuals to remember.

The role of a teacher transcends following a specific lesson plan and work schedule. Because both students and teachers spend as much time together, the teacher inadvertently becomes an external parent. Teachers can be a mentor to help set the child on the right path. In this role, the teacher can encourage the student to be the best they can be, and also be a source of inspiration and advice to the students.They equip students with lots of knowledge and strong, skills and positive attitudes so that students can never feel lost and go ahead and achieve. They help students to get sure about their goals of education through clear vision and ideas for future. Without teachers in the life one cannot grow mentally, socially and intellectually and supporting.

Home Learning Time Table JULY

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