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Sunday, June 27, 2021

National education policy for studenta

 can enable every child to analyze their day-to-day experiences and try to connect in every subject on environmental progress awareness. This includes other broad-scale activities, including projects carried out outside the four walls. The idea of ​​a social movement in the style of a child science congress. 

 Inventive education can be promoted at the level of the rest of the country and finally it can be extended to the whole of South Asia. The distinctive identity of different fields of knowledge can be accepted in the course document presented in the context of social sciences.

  The whole of creation should be embraced in terms of subjects such as justice and awareness and sensitivity towards tribal and dalit issues in terms of gender. Sociology should be replaced by political science and children should be aware of the past.  

This course document draws great attention to four areas and that type of should be given  No work art and early handicrafts create some meaningful personal and social value in terms of health and physical education work as self-reliance creativity and cooperative value also inspire new forms of knowledge and creativity for out-of-school administrators to work at the upper level of school  Formal recognition is recommended as a way to benefit children who choose education directly from livelihood. Such out-of-school agencies are very much needed so that they can educate children in the workplace where children work with thousands and other resources.  

The mindset of the artisans is recommended so that they can identify the arts where children can be trained in handicrafts with the help of local workers. It is recommended to place art as a subject at every level which includes village dance art and drama

.  Methods should be looked at as the purpose of art education is to promote beauty spiritually and personally and increase the ability to make one's own person in various forms  Traditional Indian craftsmanship should be considered relevant for school education only on the basis of its economic and aesthetic values.

There is a count that puts the English vocabulary at roughly 1 million words, but that count presumably includes words such as Latin species names, scientific terminology, botanical terms, words with prefixes and suffixes, slang, foreign words of extremely limited use in English. and technical terms. acronyms.

Due to its status as an international language, English quickly adopts foreign words and borrows vocabulary from many other sources. Early English vocabulary studies by lexicographers, academics formally studying vocabulary, compiling dictionaries, or both, were hampered by a lack of complete data on actual vocabulary in use of good quality linguistic corpus, collections of actual written texts. and spoken passages. 

Many statements published before the end of the 20th century about the growth of English vocabulary over time, the dates of the first use of various English words, and the sources of the English vocabulary will need to be corrected as a new computerized analysis of the linguistic corpus. the data is available.

 The success of school children depends on its nutrition and tactical physical activity programs. Resources required for lunch program need to be given to school time.  Located

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