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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Documents for taking fire safety NOC |formate in word and PDF file

 In order to prevent various accidents in schools, fire safety geet is provided in schools by the education department. In addition, special training is given to the head teacher of the school as well as a teacher friend every year for various natural disasters as well as various efforts to prevent natural fire accidents.  Different types of fire safety equipments are also provided in the schools as well as different types of posters are put up for the awareness of the children. Teachers and principals are given special training in various types of fire safety training on how to protect themselves and their children.

Various representations to make 100% as well as salary scale to the h-tat principals as well as questions of basic setup etc. were presented to the Director of State in different phases but all the representations were made in stages by the State Primary Teachers Union to the Education Department of the Director.

The Director pointed out various representations of the Education Department and after proper analysis, finally the State Primary Teachers Union has given its reply in writing. All the representations cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Yo to the State Education Department by the Director, Primary Education Department, Gandhinagar The various submissions of education have also been properly evaluated after due observation and evaluation in which the various representations of education cannot be accepted under any circumstances and no proper solution can be found on them. Now the State Primary Teachers Union has informed the teachers in writing

 It has been decided by the education department to get NOC regarding fire safety in every school in Gujarat in which every school will now have to get fire safety NOC from a specific office regarding fire safety.

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