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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

School management comeeti punahrachana 2021

 The school management committee in the primary schools of the state and the school management and development committee in the secondary schools have to be formed every two years.  .C has not been restructured

 The following instructions have been asked to be kept in mind for the formation of a School Management Committee in 2021 to maintain a unified formula throughout the state.

 For parents or guardians of children studying in 5% of the schools in SMC, one-time programs have to be arranged so that the parents can get the appointment as they have already become a member.

 A member of the SMC will have to inform the local educationist retired principal or the government official who is a native of the village who is retired or is in service as an educationist.

ગુજરાતની શાળાઓ ખોલવામા બાબતે મુખ્યમંત્રી નો લેટેસ્ટ સ્ટેટમેન્ટ

 Organizing a parent meeting in the school, organizing a parent meeting for the formation of the school management committee by the principal and informing the parents for the parent meeting a week in advance.  There will also be a note

જાણો કયા રાજ્યમાં થશે ધોરણ એક થી આઠ ની સ્કૂલો ઓપન

 Any new guideline will have to be strictly followed and after reorganization of SMC in all the schools of the district, all the school system under CRC co-ordinator has also been reorganized as per the rules of the committee.  

એસ.એમ.સી પુંન રચના પરિપત્ર 2021

Coordinator The reorganization certificate of all the schools in the taluka should be sent to the District Project Coordinator, Inter-District Project Coordinator, Shri District Primary Education Officer's Office.

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