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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Std 3 GYANSETU brige course online education 2021

Through Gyansetu Bridge Course, the Government of Gujarat Education Department has decided to make an online video every day through Doordarshan Girnar so that the children can repeat the previous standard education.  Can be done so that from 10th June 2021 to 21st July 2021 online education is given by the education department through Gyan Setu program and it is decided to remove the waste of education to the children in repetitive form.

 Sowing Tractor driven plowing is very useful nowadays as it keeps the distance as well as depth in the seed well and ensures that it is covered with soil only after planting so that the damage done to the birds by others can be prevented. 

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 Both can be well preserved. It is very important to have 15 seeds between the seeds to prevent the density between the seeds. This allows the plants to get good amount of sunlight, nutrients and water.  Also comes

 In the method of adding natural and synthetic fertilizers, the nutrients added to the soil in the form of nutrients for the healthy growth of the plant are called natural fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers.  As the part grows, when it is not left empty, imagine what happens to the nutrients. 

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Continuous cultivation of the crop removes some seawater from the soil.  Natural Fertilizer is an organic matter obtained from the decomposition of plants and animals. Farmer plants as well as animal wastes are made into one and its rigaton is exposed to air. Decomposition is done by some organisms.  Not used as well as vermicompost or earthworm compost

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Date 10/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 ગુજરાતી વીડિયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Date 11/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 ગણિત નો વિડીયો જોવાની ક્લિક કરો

Date 12/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 14/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 15/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 16/6/2021 ધોરણ ત્રણ વીડિયો

Date 17/6/2021 ધોરણ 4 વિડિયો

Date 18/6/2021 ધોરણ 4 વિડિયો

Date 19/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 21/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 22/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 23/6/2021 ધોરણ ત્રણ વીડિયો

Date 24/6/2021 ધોરણ 4 વિડિયો

Date 25/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 26/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 28/6/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 01/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 02/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 03/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 05/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 06/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 07/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 09/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વિડિયો

Date 10/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વીડિયો

Date 12/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વીડિયો

Date 13/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વીડિયો

Date 14/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વીડિયો

Date 15/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વીડિયો

Date 16/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વીડિયો

Date 17/7/2021 ધોરણ 3 વીડિયો

 Fertilizer is a chemical substance which is rich in nutrients. How to distinguish it from natural fertilizer. Synthetic fertilizer is manufactured in a factory.

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