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Saturday, July 24, 2021



Google has launched a brand new app that may build it easier for people that square measure having hassle talking to reach dead set others. it's referred to as 'Look To Speak'. This app can browse the text written on the phone with the assistance of eyes and show it to the person before. This app can work for people that have hassle speaking and ought to use a tool to speak. The app's experiment has been developed on the Google platform.

This app is obtainable through Google Play Store for all automaton One devices and versions on top of automaton nine.0. except for that, the app has several choices, with the assistance of that users will set their own

.People ought to keep their phones stationary to use the app. He can then ought to seem like the text written on the phone. If it seems at the highest, the app can handle the text written there aloud. this fashion the app can show what's written on the phone by wanting down, left, or right. For him, this app tracks eye movements to envision what users square measure looking at.

Google claims that every one knowledge is personal and can ne'er leave the phone. Google has created a tutorial and a guide to assist folks use this app. within which prime tips square measure shown, like the way to keep the phone in any position, the way to gesture with the eyes, such as…. The app's official web log claims that the app will build things easier for several folks. With the assistance of this app, folks will convey their message to differents with none other device.

પરીક્ષા લેટર વાંચો

લેટર પેઝ :1 લેટર પેઝ :2 લેટર પેઝ :3

There square measure already several queries within the app store


The app already stores variety of queries like what's your name ? why square measure you. Users can simply ought to consider it and therefore the app can mechanically raise the other person constant question that the user needs to raise. Another person within the app may also save voice notes in their own voice if they need.

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પુનઃ એકમ કસોટી પેપર

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