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Monday, July 12, 2021

Most useful educational and vahivati video collection

 * Useful video for government employees *

 💥 * Watch all the videos from the link below to get very useful information for government employees and need to share with friends *

 👉 * Calculation of Pension and Graduation *

 ➖ * Salary binding at promotion *

 * Calculation of family pension *

 🔸 * When is the daily allowance receivable *

 ⏬ * Temporary Pension and Graduation *

 * Useful questions and answers for employees *

 * Pension Eligible Jobs *

 * Holiday Questions *

 * Questions of Gujarat Civil Service Rules *

 * Pensionable salary *

 💥 * Subsistence allowance during suspension of duty *

 * General Terms of Job *

 * Service Book - Service Book *

 💥 * Building advance *

 👍 * Watch all the videos above from the link given below and get the correct informati

 * All videos are made by Hareshbhai Joshi Retired Director (Accounts) so you will get perfect information *


Videos Available Here

  1. Calculation of pension and graduation
  2. Salary binding at the time of promotion
  3. Calculation of family pension
  4. When is the daily allowance due?
  5. Temporary Pension and Graduation
  6. Useful questions and answers for employees
  7. Pension eligible jobs
  8. Holiday questions
  9. Questions of Gujarat Civil Service Rules
  10. Pension eligible salary
  11. Subsistence allowance during duty suspension
  12. Service Book Service Book
  13. General terms of employment
  14. Building advance

Integration of art with other subjects i.e. visual art, drama, art, literature, art, etc. is an integral part of the teaching-learning process.  The curriculum is such that it can provide logical student-centered and meaningful study of different subjects. Mathematics can easily combine art with different subjects like social sciences and language and can effectively blend certain concepts with each other keeping in view the focal point of art.  The fun and experience can be taught. 

This Morbi also points out the stages that can be clearly explained by example how to integrate different subjects with art so that the facilitator can use the device well to learn the skill better though given here  The graphs given are freely given and can also achieve the objectives of the education and the selected study outcomes which are examples of the activities adopted in the module

.  This is how textbook based activities implemented in the state can be done. Drawing Photography Printing and Stage Art Clay Toys Making Sculpture Art is known as applied art and craft and visual art which works to promote art at the primary level.  While art and vocal skills in art exhibitions have included artistic expression using facial expressions and body movements, art has been a method of promoting education and sensory research.  Encourages to move forward which can be in the form of a song in the form of a picture or in the form of a presentation.

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