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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Today educational news date 21/7/2021

 Gujarat State School Education Council State Project Office Samagra Shiksha Sector 17 Gandhinagar has informed all the District Primary Education Officers as well as District Education Officers of the state about the transmission of Doordarshan Kendra DD Girnar Purse Momentary Program under Om Learning in all the districts in the academic year starting from 2021.

  From 10th June to 17th July, Bridge Course Class Ready Gyansetu program was held. In order not to spoil the academic work of the students, the children studied Mathematical Science and Gujarati English full of various activities. Ready for students of Std.  Content based video educational lessons etc. will be started from TV channel 

i.e. fro

m Durdarshan DD Girnar's channel from 22nd July 2021. In this regard, educational video to be aired from 20th July to 31st July 2021 on Doordarshan DD Girnar for students of Std.  The timetable is also included with this so that all the primary schools in the district have BRC CRC co.

  The role of the teacher as a sugam karta is not limited to imparting knowledge to the students and developing their cognitive skills but the teacher has to inculcate the qualities of personal and social errors in the students and their  Individual socio-educational life can provide them excellent excellence at all stages.

 It also helps in creating a car environment where personal and social qualities are cultivated by teachers, students and other social partners in the classroom and in the school, care, dormitory, sensitivity, acceptance, empathy, etc.  In addition to providing real life experience to the student, development of effective communication skills is also essential. 

ધોરણ 9થી 11 ના વર્ગો શરૂ કરવા બાબત અગત્યના ન્યૂઝ

This skill is not only limited to the student's interpersonal relationships with family members and friends but also helps in creating an effective learning environment.  Of social qualities  In addition to providing a lot of guidance in development, space friends, teachers as well as interested 

સરકારી કર્મચારીઓના મોંઘવારી બધા બાબતે નાયબ મુખ્યમંત્રી નીતિન પટેલ સાહેબ નું નિવેદન

રાજ્યના કર્મીઓ માટે ખુશખબર: નીતિન પટેલે કહ્યું- કેન્દ્ર સરકારની જાહેરાતના સવાયા લાભ સાથે મોંઘવારી ભથ્થું આપીશું’

people will also be very helpful in the development of their lives and especially in the development of individual social qualities.

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