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Tuesday, August 31, 2021



It is as if the employment sector has become necessary due to the rapid changes taking place in the global system.  Practical knowledge of how to learn to speak needs to be given more emphasis as children also learn problem solving, creative thinking rather than critical thinking.  It is very important to learn how to create something new and assimilate new ideas and how to use them in changing situations or fields. 

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 It is said to change the method of teaching which becomes inspiring and discussion based, flexible and essential but also enjoyable for all.  For the balanced development of abilities, the course covers all aspects of science and various arts, shilpa, sports, physical health, language, literature, culture and values, and the character of education should be built.  Should also be enabled for employment


 In order to bridge the gap between the current state of study outcomes and what is currently affecting the child and what we expect from them, higher quality and significant improvements must now be made to harmonize the entire system from pre-primary to higher education.  For that, specific decisions have to be taken. An education system in India should be characterized by being second to none in the education system and for that achievement such a system is equally available to students from any social and economic environment.

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 National Education Policy 2020  It is the first education policy for which the imperative need is now to be met.  The policy is clear in that not only literacy and numeracy of education but also development of Northern Equality and Capabilities  It is also necessary for the development of the individual at the social and societal level

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