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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Education updates on 8/9/2021

 Education updates about school open 1to 5

Creation of new and comprehensive National Curriculum Framework for School Education as well as Principles of National Education Policy 2019 Record Requirements.  With the reduction of school curriculum and subject load as well as increased flexibility of the curriculum and the type of study that has become essential instead of memorization, all textbooks include nationally important items such as examples and usage as well as local contexts and requirements.  It is also very important to do

Online Education updates 1 to 5 standard 

The main objective of the National Education Policy is to move towards a regular holistic periodic capacity-based and study center evaluation instead of the tradition and evaluation system of the school system which was mainly based on the ability to keep and evaluate through end-of-year tests.  Contemplation evaluates conceptual clarity and helps to maximize development Study teaching process done and help to improve Improvement

 The main purpose of the evaluation system will be to evaluate at all levels of education Principles are needed for school based evaluation  -Keep it under the guidance of the proposed assessment center NCERT and GCERT. It will also be fully formed by the Union Territories. 

Schools open news about 1 to 5 standarad

 In which the most detailed of the students' emotional cognitive development will be registered from today and her husband will be given the distinction.  Also included is a self-assessment of the student's project-based inquiry-based study, twenty role-play group card boats, etc., as well as a teacher's assessment.  

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And can also be actively involved in teaching Progress Periods I will also provide teachers and parents with information on how to help each student study in and out of the classroom Parents give questionnaires to teachers and surface friends with their abilities and  The areas of interest will go in which direction improvement is needed and by getting information about it, the artificial intelligence students can become software which will help them to take care of the progress in the chapter and in the best Hindi.

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