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Wednesday, September 29, 2021



 Webcasting), recorded broadcast technology (mime, body and video players and storage devices) and teleini (funded or miles), satellite, video video - conferencing, etc.).  Also how to classify an analogy / device as 1?  Let's take the example of smart phone. 

Smart phone can be classified as a device of ICT because it can create digital image.  Which can be obtained from Sangrad Kari and Eri whenever needed.  The digital image can be used as needed which can be shaken and feedback can also be obtained accordingly.  


Thus, any device / technology used to create, store, retrieve, share, transmit and receive digital information can be classified as ICT.  Icr has revolutionized all areas, including teaching and learning, with the use of ieT, the way new age teachers view content, deliver content using appropriate methods, integrate appropriate resources - and adopt strategies for expanding learning and evaluation. 


 Has an effect.  As the digital world progresses, teachers need to be equipped with the professional skills needed to use ICT for the teaching and learning process.  Think of using it as a tool to achieve G shows and learning outcomes.  Teachers need to understand how teaching is integrated with learning skills and content, which NAN achieves 131

A - 1 as - 1 Kane Honey Urticell: I know that two people are different because of my small, child ego, and it is well known that the learner can be taught using one more inithon (4).  So, if it goes well, usually the process of begging to be begotten is adopted by the multi-faceted pramuniyo baba which is lyrical, poetic, empirical and readable (force jaunu, p and =, a subject for teaching - such as a textbook  , Local environment, a). 


 Inside the four walls of the classroom and the experiences of Bahmar play an important role in the 12 processes of teaching begging.  For this purpose, the child needs to practice information, analysis, integration, presentation of information, sharing information with others, these responses help the child to improve the concept, help to learn the concept of information, so the child needs to experience the textbook characters.  And it uses more virtual and material resources. 

*વ્યાકરણ શ્રેણીના તમામ એપિસોડ ની લીંક નીચે છે.👇*

1. નામ અને તેના પ્રકારો 

2. સર્વનામ 

3. ક્રિયાપદ 

4. વિશેષણ 

5. ક્રિયાવિશેષણ 

6. વાક્યરચના 

7. વાક્યરચના પ્રકારો 

8.વિરામ ચિહ્નો નાં પ્રકાર

 Here ICT is grounded in the process of teaching and learning. In a very short period of time, it has become the cornerstone of modern society.  :

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