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Monday, September 20, 2021



Students will be given a logical framework to learn the importance of doing what is right at an early age and to make ethical decisions.  As a result of such moral reasoning, traditional Indian values ​​and all basic human and constitutional values ​​such as Sheva Ahimsa Sanitation Satyanishtha Karma Shanti Sacrifice Tolerance Diversity Pluralism 

Svadhyay pothi for students

True Behavior  Respect for all individuals and their innate abilities Respect regardless of their background Respect for the environment Helpful spirit Courtesy Patience Sympathy Compassion Patriotism Democracy Perspectives Truthfulness Freedom Equality and fraternity will be developed in students Children's teachings  Will have the opportunity to learn and their influence on the Vedic literature will be included in the essential reading for all students of the Indian Constitution.  As well as the scientist of the harmful and detrimental effects of alcohol and all other languages.

The system that schools have is for traditional children. The assessment is mainly based on understanding the small circle and strength and evaluates the test in the year in which the annual examination is held.  The main objective of the policy towards assessment is to evaluate high level cognitive skills chapter critical thinking and organizational hygiene

. This assessment will help to continuously motivate and improve the learning process which makes maximum impact on student learning and its development.  In order to get the basic principle of evaluating their children at all levels of education, the progress cards of all the students will also be given to the parents by the school for half-based assessment so that the parents can know how much their child has achieved.  

The assessment center will be guided by NCERT and SCERT so that it is fully covered by the states and territories.  It will be a complete, progressive whole creation and will be a 360 degree polygamy report detailing the students' analysis of the development of the emotional and psychoactive realm of the song as well as reflecting its progress specifications.  Evaluation by Self-Evaluation Party will include assessment through education. In addition to progress cards and education visits, the entire sheet will be an important link connecting school and home. 

Parents and children can be actively involved in holistic development and education.  Each student will have an idea of ​​how the meditation helped to provide assessment information and the class gives parents, teachers and their friends a questionnaire to inform them about their other anomalies and areas of interest in which direction and subject matter needs improvement.  

Use will be known and it will be helpful board exam  O and entrance exams The current form of secondary school examinations is harming the tuition class culture from today especially the Board of Secondary Education so children are turning to tuition classes too much time and focusing on extra exams so the school has to drop it.  And you come to the future children change education for these reasons so this moment remains and instead of giving them a chance to choose pushes for a lot more material in a stream so that there are existing and entrance exams it will be improved to eliminate tuition class seven requirements while  Board Examinations for Std. 10 and 12 will be continued. 

The Board Examination Structure will be designed to develop the holistic effects of harmful effects on children. Students will be able to choose Board Examinations in many subjects based on their personal objectives.  Be able to make the exam easier and explain the exams for easy meaning instead of in the coaching group and give the exam by anyone who knows  All the students who are going to the school and the school is striving for it can also do well in passing the board exams without any extra effort.  


Can give one picture only for one main examination and one for improvement and further it will be evaluated on the basis of students' choice and performance in any two of their examinations and all the board examinations in the form of correction etc.  Should follow

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