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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Rolplay and loknruty compitition 2021||

Rolplay and loknruty compitition

 All the offices of the District Primary Education Officer have been directed to organize a role dance competition at the district level. Folk dance competition In this regard, NCRT New Delhi has been directed to organize a role play and dance competition at the district level in the state.  The main purpose of this centralized competition is to provide a learning experience for the children and to create a conducive environment for them.  

The top priority is to plan ahead for the competition to be widely publicized, as well as the rules of the roleplay and folk dance competition rules and guidelines and some of the evaluation issues as well as the prizes and important things for the contestant to win.

 The topics of roleplay competition will be as follows

 Roleplay in nutritious diet and well-being

 Personal safety Physical Mental Emotional and sexual

 Media literacy Safe use of the Internet and gadgets

 The cause and prevention of drug abuse

 Topics of folk dance competition

 Equal opportunities for boy and girl and prevention of debt murder

 Environmental protection


 Adolescent attractions and challenges

 Healthy relationships between adolescence

 General rules and guiding matters such as national roleplay competition to folk dance competition

 The competition must be held in an open space or hall

 Teams of each level will be given 5 to 6 minutes time in the competition

 The presentation for the competition will be in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages

 In the competition, a group of four to five students is required to have both boys and girls teams and one male and one female teacher.

 After the roleplay and dance, the response from the audience should be properly received

ગુરુ તેગબહાદુર જન્મ જયંતી અવસરે સી.આર.સી કક્ષાએ

 Local media should also be invited to spread the word about the competition

 In the matter of the choice of the judge

 A total of three judges will have to be selected in the competition

 Diet Principal or District Education Officer

 A person with experience in the field of education or a school principal who has participated

 A person with vast experience in the field of fine arts

Download Gr - Click here

 In case of prizes in district level roleplay and folk dance competition, the first place team will have to pay Rs. 300 to the first place team, Rs. 200 to the second place team and Rs. 150 to the dance team and Rs.

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