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Monday, October 4, 2021

Anubandham app ||Find job at your door stap||gujarat job fair

 Anubandham brings Job Seeker and Employer together at one platform.

"ANUBANDHAM" A New Umbrella for Bridging Aspirant’s Needs through Direct Hiring between job Applicants & eMployers.

“Anubandham” is an initiative from the Directorate of Employment & Training (DET), Government of Gujarat. The App is primarily focused to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of the youth of the State. Anubandham facilitates Job Seekers and Job Providers through auto-matching in a highly transparent and user-friendly manner. This app is also supported by the Anubandham initiative of the department. 

Mobile App “Anubandham” facilitates users to find and apply for a suitable job posted by the recruiters and job providers. Alerts and Notifications make them informed about their scheduled interviews and recent happening on the portal. The easy job posting, resume parser, Job Application tracking, schedule management, and advance search based on the sectors and functional areas are key features of the App.

Best Practices in States and Union Territories Bali-Kali program was started in 2009-10 to develop reading, writing and humor in the classrooms of children in Std-1 and 8 in Karnataka's D Government medium schools.  Mild, classroom action-reaction Maximum exam no fear, no worries and children's natural instincts like curiosity, dynamic research instincts come online.  The ‘nali-kali’ method gives a big talk to the teachers.  And create a conducive environment for children to learn in a friendly and enjoyable way  Learning is done systematically in groups arranged according to age-appropriate skills.  When children qualify for one group, they move on to the next group to learn the next quartet.  

This concept reduces the burden of learning and gives minimal learning skills.  C Gill Pratish Patel’s ‘Shaniya Kalika Dolan’ is a program of the Maths Learning Movement, which has done 4 at the state house to improve the Maths show and to facilitate classroom teaching of Mathematics among students in good primary schools.  Mathematics is widely regarded as a basic discipline, on which the teaching of Ghana is based. 

વર્ગ 1 અને વર્ગ 2 અધિકારી ઓની બદલી બાબત ન્યુઝ

 The PLU is a model support.  Lack of study in mathematics has to be overcome by using a counter-based roaring approach.  Provision of maths teaching protocol to schools and training of teachers in government primary schools is implemented.  The capabilities of this TLRLAP KJNA GE PERFORMED Pralni Vip!  Has been observed.  Children are evaluated using the Android based application on the tablet for learning outcomes.

Gujarat achievement સર્વે બાબતે નિયામકશ્રી નો લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર તારીખ 6 10 2021

  Earlier, in order to increase the quality of the results of mathematics education, in fulfilling the practices of Sarghar, 'Paddh Apadit Shikshan To.  A Tamil Nadu Activity Tax Two to L.  ) Air is sold in the classroom on the suplus --- which is one and the in-donation unit bh eural.  Do not take CIT classroom NEOTEH.  Mothers to line up more vehicle learning initiatives of dreams.  Vivi karya saksh US S aj M

JOB Seeker

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Official app click here

Rich user-interface and advanced functionality are an integral part of the app and enabling a better experience.

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