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Friday, October 8, 2021

Education updates||

    Papa pagli book ||usefull book 

Reporting by BRC: Block Resource Centers as Educational Resource Centers have yet to develop their role and functions as educational channels.  The BRC / U needs to act as a resource center for studying problems and strategies to address educational issues in schools.  The Block Resource Person (BRP) will be adequately trained and recruited more effectively.  Under the integrated teacher training program all target groups, i.e. teachers, block and cluster resource persons etc. 

Papa pagli Daglu book part 1

will be brought on the same platform and similar content will be created focusing on their roles and responsibilities.  To do this the schools will be visited regularly by the BRP.  It will be reported through the application.  Which will be compiled on a central server where will provide information of inconsistent reports which will then be followed for necessary action.  S. by the School Management Committee (SMC) Training Cluster Resource Coordinator (CRC).  like this .  C training is required in all schools within a year on the date notified by the government.  like this .  C quarterly meetings will be held.  

Papa pagli Daglu book part 2

Financial provision of up to Rs.2000 per school per annum for government schools is being provided at both primary and secondary level under this scheme.  Display of the entire education logo: The logo is a symbol of the vision and spirit of the plan.  The logo helps to create a connection between the school, the student and the community at large to stimulate the spirit.  Was found.  Helped identify schools, the SSA logo was painted on the school walls which was much appreciated by the public.

Papa pagli Daglu book part 3

Says when 38 this mam day 30 {MAIH.  To.  S, and Rashtriya Bal Bhavan Jew Printing: Hatt decided to expand the repository by covering the activities of the institutions.  Gunn’s online monitoring module measures state performance and the main academic Mulakadi) J.D.  S.  E, Dhel and the State and Union Territory, rank the Department of Education of Dala to assess the genetic time

Papa pagli Daglu book part 4

.     The main functions are to monitor the use of funds, trading, performance measurement at the docks, online planning, goal setting, physical goals and drinks, the exact number of out-of-school children from mainstream, increase enrollment in government schools by private schools or  Provides portal data analytics through standards such as reduction, costs on increasing learning outcomes and teachers' salaries, and produces graphics that represent progress in states and union territories such as key and known results, 84 Shagunotsav: a major initiative by all government 

      The schools will be visited and inspected during August-September 2019.  All these states have a calculated audit of 11.85 lakh Makari and all government aided schools to be conducted in September 2019.  And the central government has also included about 7 lakh stand-alone primary schools.  Data on various school-based outcomes are currently concentrated through the tools of the Unified District Information System for Education (UDIME), Shagun Project Monitoring System (PMS) and Performance Grading Index (PGB).  

30/6/ ની સ્થિતિ એ મહેકમ ગણવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

     So that quality and structural assessment is done in the school.  However the same is not established by field visits.  The feedback received from the officers in charge of the aspirations of the aspiring districts shows that many schools are not visited at all or the frequency of visits is very low.  Therefore, a school-based census exercise has been carried out to ensure adequacy of infrastructure, teachers, students, school management and community participation to ensure adequacy of each school. 

પા પા પગલી વાંચન ડગલું ભાગ 1

પા પા પગલી વાંચન ડગલું ભાગ 2

પા પા પગલી વાંચન ડગલું ભાગ 3

પા પા પગલી વાંચન ડગલું ભાગ 4

    The results of the school census are to be based on Kanko monitored by UDISE, PGI and Shagun.    Will be taken in the next round of school based assessments.  The symbol system will respond to specific needs and seek appropriate policy intervention.  Guidelines for the program were published on April 25, 2019

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