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Friday, October 1, 2021

Educational updates||TODAY NEWS

 About abhyas kram 2021 22 news

How can children with disabilities be involved in these 5 activities in terms of academic expectations and study outcomes?  Pay, field visits: Generally, field visits are considered as a fun and entertaining activity.  There is nothing more effective than visiting to understand and understand environmental problems. 

(2) This ws n) ​​is water, not.  A visit to the Vote / Regenerated Water Saut (Wo, Sarovar, Lake) can be arranged.  These are some of the techniques.  However, the teacher is concerned about the local context and the needs of the children.  (2) Travel (2) You can organize full = html more activities.  In children can work individually or in a group.  Jay activities such as corpse game, yayo.  There are projects, role-playing, exploration, etc. Children can be involved in study activities.  The teacher can group the children based on that task.  

Abhyaskram ghatadava babat

 When teaching, the teacher needs to keep in mind that the members in each group are diverse in skills, learning, skills, etc.  5. 2 Learning Sources (Resources - Educational Tools - Materials): Children learn differently.  Therefore, it is very important to provide them with various study opportunities using educational resources. Educational resources can be used in a variety of study resources in teaching and learning.

 Textbooks and other supplementary and reference books, e-content or  Including mediums such as audio, video, text, pictures, tables, ears, etc., as well as information about the natural and natural environment, individuals and special personalities, etc.

 It is very important to identify the right study source.  It is important) The textbook of early stage environmental education is based on the environment around the child that includes the natural, physical, social and cultural environment.  Sama Kshay: And for me.  No.  Textbooks should not only be a source of knowledge but should be taken by both students and teachers as helpful in generating knowledge from the various sources (snakes) around them.  These textbooks are intended to provide a space for observation and to connect them with real life.  Textbooks emphasize the definition and information only.

BUJAR NM A VI (NCERT) Textbooks on Environmental Education Textbooks are primarily in education.  M and friends have four pai subjects.  .  (1.1) Hau - (Relationships) (1.2) Work and play (10) Animals (1.2) Plants.  a) Immortal n) But *, (v) Khajay / Raman N) Travel - Travel / Transportation () Our Dras Productions and Actions  Each subject begins with a key premise in a language suitable for children.  wyd wu4 NCERT QULLU (http: //www.ncert, nic intrightsidelinks / syllabus. En '5 is available. 

Syllabus news in primary schools 2021

Real life events in chapters.  Each thought and concept (definition) is explained through activities and descriptions to arouse the curiosity of the children to generate interest in me, the children here freely discuss me, engage with it as well as ample opportunities to develop a sensitive understanding for this survey.  Study Expectations An attempt has been made to take the subject of 'water' * from the given section to establish a bridge between pedagogical dimensions and study tripartite in environmental education. 

સ્કૂલોમાં પ્રવાસી શિક્ષકની ભરતી ખાનગી એજન્સીને સોંપાય તેવી શક્યતા વધુ જાણવા અહી કીલીક કરો

Before (we) understand its pedagogical dimension,  Let us take a look at how this subject is useful for understanding the various myths and myths of science and social sciences, such as mathematics, languages, arts education and health and physical education at primary level.  Has links to these topics,

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