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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Husband wife transfer rules||new gov resolution 16/10/2021

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The appendix with the resolution of the General Administration Department provides that in cases where the spouse is employed in the State Service Panchayat Service or any public government of the State Government, try to keep both in the same place as far as possible where the spouse is.  Sympathetically consider the request to keep the spouse in the same position or to appoint both in the same position.

Government employees transfer request for husband wife

 General Administration Department Resolution Disability Employee as well as female employee appointed on contract basis fixed salary at least one year of service and male employees at least two years of service and only such candidates apply for transfer and the application will be considered and replaced

Divyang employees transfer rules new

 Despite the implementation of the above instructions of the General Department for the transfer of employees appointed from the process as well as regular employees on regular basis as well as at fixed pay, some departments have issued instructions not to change the district before the completion of five years of service in the case of employees.  The following instructions are modified in this regard as they are not compatible with the existing instructions

Fix pay employees transfer request rules new

 As per the prevailing instruction of the General Administration Department, following the guidelines of keeping the spouses in the same place as far as possible keeping in view the public administrative requirements and the interest of the village, the survey departments should follow the guidelines.  If any such notice has been published, it will have to be reviewed by the General Administration Department in consultation with the General Administration Department in order to give the existing notification.

 Officers serving in State Government Board Corporation Granted Institutions are often eligible for non-transferable jobs. In such circumstances, if the spouse is on duty in the State or Panchayat Service, they should consider transfer or deputation to equivalent posts at the same place or near place.  Prior to the appointment of such a transfer representative, the competent officer should give priority to public administration requirement and performance.  There is a provision but if the spouse can be kept in the same place at a nearby place, even if the male employee has served for one year, the district can be transferred after one year.

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