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Monday, October 11, 2021

Nipun Bharat Mission 2021||NEP 2020 BEST PROGRAMME FOR 1 TO 3 CLASS STUDENTS

 Nipun Bharat 2021

nipun suggests National Education Policy 2020 and foundational learning and numeracy 2020 for remedial education work in schools under India Our top priority is to achieve universal understanding of basic literacy and numeracy in primary schools from 2026 to 2027.

Nipun Bharat mission

  If not educated, the rest of the National Education Policy 2020 will not be used for the benefit of the students.  It is very important for all schools to make efforts by voluntary organizations and congregations as well as society to learn life skills and also for this.  It is very important to make intensive efforts to make the Nikul Bharat Mission a success. 

Nipun Bharat 2021 std  1 to 3 students Reading writing programme

 To make available information in which all the teacher friends can understand the classroom and street education as per their need in classroom and street education and achieve the targets set in the East India Mission for all the children. 

Nipun Bharat 2021 basic knowledge for students

 The schools have to get periodical guidance from the District Education and Training Bhavan Taluka Primary Education Officer Shri CRC Coordinator CRC Co-ordinator and submit the required progress report in this regard

Upacharatmak class for students vanchan lekhan ganan

.  All the schools will have to do remedial work on such designated children from 04:00 to 05:00 in the evening after Diwali vacation before Diwali vacation. 

Counting Skill: Counting is the process of determining the number of elements in a finite set of objects, that is, determining the size of a set. The traditional way of counting is to continually increase a counter by one for each item in the set, in some order, while marking those items to avoid visiting the same item more than once, until no items are left unmarked;  if the counter was set to one after the first object, the value after visiting the final object gives the desired number of items.  The related term enumeration refers to the unique identification of the elements of a finite set or infinite set by assigning a number to each element.

પરિપત્ર - Click here

 All the primary schools will have to use the full details of reading-writing-calculation in the self-assessment done by this school.  Before the Diwali vacation and from the day the Diwali vacation opens, the remedial education work in schools is also planned to protect India.

Characteristic education work in schools under Nipun Bharat FLN, Banaskantha

  By the year 2026-27, a child up to standard 3 can read, write and perform basic mathematical processes with understanding.  Working with this goal.

  Continue to do this work from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm before vacation and also after vacation.

  Get the best material for reading, writing and arithmetic from the following link.


ઉપચારાત્મક કસોટી પત્રક


STD 2        STD 3        STD 4        STD 5

STD 6 TO 8


STD 2        STD 3        STD 4        STD 5

STD 6 TO 8


STD 2        STD 3        STD 4        STD 5

STD 6 TO 8

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