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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Seva setu karykram gujarat||all villages rurel and urban area

 State gov sevasetu karykram 2021 22

The state government considers efficiency, transparency, sensitivity and responsibility in the administration to ensure that the people get the benefit of the public oriented schemes.  The Seva Setu program was organized at the taluka level for a noble purpose

. This program has been widely accepted by the people and in the programs organized in various villages of the state up to 23 million people have benefited from the service on cheap place.  The state government has decided to hold a higher phase of the program in the next three years so that the program is to be completed in the entire state by 5 1 2022.

Seva setu karykram urben and rurel area

 This date is for disposal of representations. At the taluka level, a committee of the following officers under the chairmanship of the provincial officer is arranged in a village between 6 to 7 villages in the taluka.  The week should be held on Friday to Saturday and all the programs of the district should be held from 18 10 2021 to 5 1 2020 in the same manner.

 In this program, in the words of the committee, Province Officer, Mamlatdar, Taluka Development Officer, PSI Extension Officer, Horticulture Officer, Veterinary Officer, Supply Inspector, Social Welfare Inspector, Maintenance Inspector, Child Development Officer, Gram Sevak will all be included.

 In Seva Setu Yojana, the details of the procedure to be provided in Seva Setu Camp to different departments and different departments of the state in the same way that it can be provided on the day of the program are as follows.

 The Mamlatdar and the Taluka Development Officer should be equally responsible for the coordination of the program at the taluka level by the Provincial Officer to create village trusts at the taluka level.

 The camp will be held on Fridays and Saturdays in one of the eye-catching villages which is connected with all other villages in terms of road transport.

 Submissions will not have to be obtained in advance but the venue of the event and their evidence will start at 9:00 cluster level and will have to get representations and their completion from the applicants within 9 to 11 hours.  In 11 to 2 hours investigation etc. will have to be done. Within 2 to 3 hours the applicants will have to be informed of the final disposal of the call representations and will have to perform the super operation of handing over the certificate in the form of service.

Official announcement for rurel area

 click here

Official announcement for urben area

Click here

 When the applicant brings the representation on the spot, the pros and cons of the representations have to be disposed of on the spot by visiting the patients as per the requirement.  Disposal should be reported to the applicant

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