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Wednesday, October 13, 2021


 It is also given that it is a symbol on the acre and the work and the true motivation is 1 and 2 sec in which there is control.  There are choices from the environment and Taiyon Kaap Mars books etc. have been handed over to the rest of the staplams. 

 This experience of prices that makes you serious that someone said and wrote at the same time is interrelated.  Why didn't he first learn how to turn it into age and parsimony.  For some forces, there is also a fourfold time limit.  I 91) Whose daily observation is that to speak fluently and to write that in any way the study of literacy for linear or separate questions clearly shows that research. 

 Seeing, reading, Roman and whiskey develops here.  (Fupper 30) શાળા Soranataro and Halkon Samudra Anu Shosha should be considered in schools.  At all stages, their goal should be to understand the countries that have been printed.  Sarat is not seen as a character doctor but is seen with full ears of promise including Sampan.  (Kan and Sim 1993) The forest and the mind are both time-making functions.  The spells read meaningful texts and use planetary experiences and other saintly hints.  If u do that Shadrak would give a chance to do ghavar.  It is important that they get books that can increase their literacy for their classroom Czech children. 

 Children's literature is especially dangerous from a children's point of view.  The material for this vacha is the official farm kanwa.  In the early years, in the process of wandering and learning the language, literature becomes a talking field.  It stimulates children's spontaneous symbols, rather than supporting the natural way of writing fear. 

 Between the behaviors, the process of learning Kane's language skills is unified.  As a reason, Pankayini's behavior or poetry inspires children to read and write.  Wealthy villas are important for children to choose the rest of the safai, regardless of age, age and suitable theme.

Water - field of work and pedagogical parameters: 6.  6. કાર્ય The scope of the subject of 'water' Water is an important factor for the survival of all living things on earth.  Environmental education being an interdisciplinary field establishes a connection between the child's natural and socio-cultural environment.  Concepts and issues related to 'water' are global, not applicable to any class, area or terrain.  It is therefore helpful to fully understand the various environmental concepts and issues.  Therefore in primary education (at the level) 'water' becomes the subject of study of environmental education. 

 It has a lot of scope to provide ample opportunities for study to develop integrated perspectives on environmental education.  As a subject, it involves a series of concepts in students of Std-6 to Std-8 that gradually the child's understanding starts from his / her world to himself / herself and his / her family (water for me and my family, the importance of water in our homes and its  Global thinking (who has the right to natural resources? Influence on other species of water pollution, history of water, history of water pollution)  Extends to source exploration as well as traditional and modern water storage methods). 

 In addition, there is scope for the development of many work skills such as observation, experimental work, measurement, estimation and exploration.  This section will help you to reflect on the issues related to the life of the students and enable them to think and generate understanding on the issues related to the subject of water.

  Further, the branch will expand the interdisciplinary annexure through this subject to promote the study skills of various environmental studies and help in differentiating other academic fields.  Let's think.  If 'water' is a topic, what concepts and issues should be taken up to advance the integrated perspectives in environmental education?  Try to make a list of water related concepts and issues, present them in the form of a mind map.  One such mind map is given here.  .  • Are other subject areas required?  Can you establish a contract or connection with another theme of environmental education?  Do you see integrated perspectives in environmental education?  In what way  166

चित्र के संग संग अभ्यास

चित्र के संग संग स्वाध्याय

तब याद तुम्हारी आती है अभ्यास

तब याद तुम्हारी आती है स्वाध्याय

कुत्ते की वफादारी अभ्यास

कुत्ते की वफादारी स्वाध्याय

कथनी और करनी अभ्यास

कथनी और करनी स्वाध्याय

हिंद देश के निवासी अभ्यास

हिंद देश के निवासी स्वाध्याय

पुनरावर्तन एक

डॉ विक्रम साराभाई अभ्यास

डॉ विक्रम साराभाई स्वाध्याय

ढूंढते रह जाओगे अभ्यास

ढूंढते रह जाओगे स्वाध्याय

दोहा अष्टक अभ्यास

दोहा अष्टक स्वाध्याय

पुनरावर्तन 2

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