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Thursday, November 25, 2021

ekalavy programme for teachers

 eklavy prograame for teachers

Information regarding the involvement of teachers in the Eklavya program under the new Education Policy 2020 has been sent in a circular sent by the Government of India to every District Primary Education Officer.  In an effort to this end, eklavya series is being launched in collaboration with Central Board of Secondary Education and IIT Gandhinagar.

 The main idea style inspires innovative activity to develop creativity and create duet yourself project video.

 Teachers and students will be able to participate in the eklavya program as per the following instructions

 As per the standard syllabus under eklavya program various educational materials of science and mathematics subject are available so all the students can register to take full advantage of this opportunity.

👉 If teachers under Eklavya category complete this course and success by submitting work, it will be considered as equivalent to one hour of teacher capacity building program.

👉 Those who want to get the certificate voluntarily after completing the cell can get the certificate by paying the prescribed fee.

 👉The state of Gujarat is also going to participate in the world wide program for International Student Assessment Program for International Students Assessment at a time when this program will be helpful for good performance.

👉 As mentioned in the registration form attached herewith, in the first rule field, the teacher's code should be written in place of the teacher's name and in the school-college field, the U-dice code should be written in place of the school's name.

👉 Mathematics and science teachers in all the primary schools of Nava Garba have been asked to review the appropriate command and faith from your level to ensure that they participate in the above program.


For registration click here

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