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Friday, December 3, 2021

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One day in the summer of 1973, a young man in his twenties from an old and wealthy Calcutta family was standing in the church of King's College in Cambridge, a medieval university in Britain.  This magnificent building was built by the three kings of England starting from 1446.  

Rays of light shone from the stained glass on the south walls, and the magnificent pillars seemed to lift the beautiful ceiling to the sky.  The Pacific moon Mahalanobis was greatly impressed by all this.  He had just landed in Britain from Tostimer and planned to study in London.  He had just come here from London on a picnic.  

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The friends had to stay home after missing the last train to London.  In the conversation Kings was not tired of talking about the grandeur of the church.  A friend suggested that you leave London and study here in Cambridge.  Just as Malanobis was waiting for this suggestion, he met Provost the next day and, to his delight, became a student at King's College, Cambridge.  

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It must have been six months since he arrived in Cambridge, where his mathematical viewer asked him, "Have you met Ramanujan, the strange mathematician of your country?"  He hadn't met Ramanujan yet but he had heard about it.  Manujan was a spontaneous mathematician from a village one and a half thousand kilometers south of Calcutta, the modern city of Malanobis, towards the Indian city of Madras.  Mahalanobis imagined that Calcutta was almost as backward as Cambridge.  The educated people of North India are the most backward in South India and stuck in superstition

Srinivas Ramanujan 2 understood.  To him, Madras was still untouched by the modernity of Mumbai and Calcutta.  And yet from such a place and from a poor family such a talented mathematician matured that the British themselves delivered him to Cambridge by hand. 

 He wanted to demonstrate his gift there and learn something from foreign mathematicians.  Trinity was the largest and most prestigious of the Cambridge University colleges.  Among them were kings, poets, and great geniuses, all Isaac Newton himself.  

A marble statue of Newton (with a triangular glass in hand) has been erected in the Trinity Church since 1755.  Lord Byron was also a student of Trinity, Tennyson, Thackeray and Fitzgerald were also true students and historian Macaulay and physicist Rutherford were also students here.  The philosopher's band role was also studied here and the five prime ministers of Britain were also students of Trinity. 

 And now Ramanujan was also in Trinity.  Within a few days Mahalanobis met Ramanujan and the two became friends.  Every Sunday morning, the two of them would go for a long walk and talk about philosophy, mathematics and alchemy.  Mahalanobis, recalling a time when Ramanujan was chilled for the first time after his arrival, says that he went to Ramanujan's court. 

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 He saw Ramanujan sitting very close to the heat.  "You don't feel cold at night, do you?"  Mahalanobis asked Ramanujan, "Brother, I feel very cold but I go to bed wearing an overcoat."  Mahalanobis felt that maybe Ramanujan did not have enough blankets, so he went to see Ramanujan's bed. 

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The bed was wrinkled so Ramanujan seemed to have just got up but all the ends of his blankets were still pressed in the mattress. Mahalanobis understood the situation.  Ramanujan explained that while sleeping at night, the ends of the blankets should be removed from under the mattress, the blankets should be raised slightly and we should go to sleep between them and the mattress.

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