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Monday, December 13, 2021

How many sim card at your name||know information

 Even if you employ one or 2 SIM cards, does one shrewdness several SIM cards area unit registered along with your ID?  If you do not understand the solution to the current question, you'll get in hassle. in line with the new rule of the telecommunications department, solely nine SIMs may be activated in one ID.  

The limit is half dozen SIMs for the northeastern states, together with Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir and Assam.  If there area unit over nine SIMs registered in your name, then you wish to try and do KYC.  If the SIM isn't verified, it'll be disabled.

The Department of telecommunication has issued a notice on Gregorian calendar month seven.  Consequently, customers can have sixty days to verify the SIM.  International roaming users, sick and disabled customers can receive an extra thirty days. once the new notification is denote, if you wish to grasp what number SIMs area unit registered along with your ID, we are going to inform you of the method.

It is vital to grasp what number SIMs area unit active. there's a full of life SIM registered in your name that will suffer loss if you're not mistreatment it. you may have issues if this SIM card is employed for embezzled activities.

Find out the quantity of SIMs registered during this approach

The telecommunication Department has developed a portal referred to as TAFCOP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and client Protection).  A information of active mobile numbers within the country has been uploaded to the portal  Spam and fallacious calls may be controlled through the portal. you'll shrewdness several SIM cards area unit active in your name in barely thirty seconds ...

Step by step method

✅ 1st open the portal

✅ Login with the mobile range and OTP within the box here.

✅ you may see an inventory of all active SIM card mobile numbers from your ID.

✅ If there's variety on this list that you just don't understand, you'll report it.

✅ For that, choose the quantity and choose 'This isn't my number'.

પ્રવાસી શિક્ષક મજૂરી બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

✅ Submit the name written on the ID provided within the box on top of.

✅ currently click on the Report box below.

ENGLISH ABILITY ONE of the following:

સમાચાર વાંચો શીક્ષકોની ક્ષમતા તો મપાશે જ, શિક્ષણ સમિતિએ સાત પુસ્તકોની પ્રશ્નોત્તરીનું કર્યું આયોજન

✅ you may conjointly receive a price ticket identification reference range once filing a criticism.


ગુજરાતીમાં ન્યુઝ વાંચો અહીંથી...

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