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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

NMMS 2022 EXAM ||Std 8 video guide for students



, State Examination Board Gandhinagar has announced the National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination 2022 for the students studying in Std.

 Scholarship amount and payment rules

 After the examination, according to the district-wise category prescribed photo, the students who come in merit will be entitled to a monthly scholarship of Rs.

 Payment of Scholarship amount to the eligible students as per the guidelines of MHRD. Test and renewal application on National Scholarship Portal from home and verification of that application on National Scholarship Portal by Mr.  Proven beneficiaries will be credited to the student's bank account

 The examination is conducted only by the State Examination Board. The concerned State Examination Board will not be responsible

 Income limit

 The annual income of the guardian of the candidate should not be more than one lakh and fifty thousand as decided for the examination of NMMS and a certified copy of the guardian's annual income sample must be attached with the student's application

 Matters relating to student curriculum

 Debt questions of Intellectual Aptitude Test will be of literal and non-verbal Kartik calculation. Aash questions will include classification, numerical series pattern, hidden figure etc. As well as new questions of Academic Aptitude Test will include Std. 7 and Std. 8 Mathematics Science and Social Science subjects.

 Last year will be the syllabus of the academic year for Std. 7 as well as the syllabus of the first semester of the current academic year for Std.

 Test structure

 The medium of examination will be English as well as Gujarati. The question paper will be given to the medium whichever medium the student chooses.

Nmms પંચામૃત પેપર સેટ 2022 

 If the application form is sent directly to the State Examination Board by the student or school then it will be considered as cancellation. Half of the phone must be filled online accurately. 

Latest news

 Responsibilities for the certificates and income samples uploaded by the students of the reserved category will be related to the reserved category.  The details of the student's Aadhar Dias number should be corrected by contacting the principal of the school. The correction should be done after 24 hours.

NMMS Exam Date:

The National Cum Merit Merit Scholarship Exam will be held for Gujarat on February 28, 2021. To take the exam, the candidate must present the admission ticket in the card room which will be available after submitting the application form successful. having studied at Std 8 will be considered or eligible for the exam.

Nmms exam 17/4/2022 PROVISIONAL ANSWER KEY

NMMS Scholarship Exam Books free download

NMMS Book PDF 1: Click Here

NMMS Book PDF 2: Click Here

NMMS Book PDF 3: Click Here

NMMS Book PDF 4: Click Here

Proposals / recipient list for the academic year must be submitted / uploaded online through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP).

Nmms exam video lectures

Nmms exam video lectures

Date 5/1/2022 NMMS  EXAM VIDEO 2


Date 6/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 7/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 8/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 9/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO

 Date 11/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO

Date 12/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 16/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 18/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 19/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 21/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 22/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 24/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 25/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 26/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 30/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO
Date 2/1/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO

Date 3/2/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO 

Date 4/2/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO

Date 7/2/2022 NMMS EXAM VIDEO


Date 10/2/22 NMMS EXAM VIDEO

Date 11/2/22 NMMS EXAM VIDEO


Nmms video વય આધારિત કોયડ

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