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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sports equipment for schools

 Integrated Scheme on School Education i.e. Samagra Shiksha has been launched to

universalise quality school education, w.e,f. financial year 2018-19. The scheme envisages

'education' in a holistic perspective and as a continuum from Pre-Primarlr, Primar5r, Upper

Primary, and Secondary to Higher Secondary levels. The Scheme, therefore, attempts to provide,

an integrated/composite school system from pre- school to higher secondar5r level. This will

facilitate the transition of children across various levels of school education and will aid in

promoting children to complete school education. The vision of the Scheme is to ensure inclusive

and equitable quality education from pre-school to senior secondar5r stage in accordance with the

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for Education.

In the scheme, under the Sports and Physical Education component, sports equipment are to be

provided. Expenditure for meeting expenses on procuring sports equipment for indoor & outdoor

games in convergence with Department of Sports is also to be made from this component. The

provisions under the scheme for Sports and Physical Education in Government schools are as


Up to Rs.5,000 for Primary school per annum

Up to Rs.10,000 for upper primary per annum

Up to Rs.25, 000 for Secondary and Senior Secondary per allnum

The Scheme provides annual recurring school composite grant for all Government Schools for the

replacement of non-functional school equipment and for incurring other recurring costs such as

consumables for play materials, sports equipment, laboratories, electricity charges, internet,

water, teaching aids etc. It also provides for annual maintenance and repair of existing school

building, toilets and other facilities to upkeep the infrastructure in good condition. The amount of

grant varies from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 per annum depending upon the number of students

in the school.

(a) List of sports equipment - An indicative list of age appropriate sports equipments for

government schools has been prepared and is at Annexure-I (Videos on the use of most of

the recommended sports equipment is available on youtube). This however is only an

indicative list and not an exhaustive list. The States/UTs may if they so desire, procure

items from beyond this list subject to its actual requirement being certified by the head of

school. However, the sport specific equipments and props may be chosen by the schools,

based on availability of infrastructure in the school including availability of playfield etc.

Schools may also be encouraged to include traditional/regional gzrmes of the respective

State/Region, the low /no cost equipments may be procured at 1ocal level for these

sports/games. The State & UTs will also need to maintain the sports equipments and have

them in a workable position. For this periodic review maybe done and record be

maintained of workable equipment, repairable equipment, write off equipment


 Sports  and  Games  activities  may  include  the  following  key  aspects: Annexure-II 1.  Primary  classes:- I. II. III. IV. V. Fundamental  Movement Education a.  Locomotor  Skills  (Running,  Jumping,  Hopping,  Galloping  etc.) b.  Manipulative  Skills  (Catching,  Throwing,  Kicking  etc.) c. Body  Management  Skills  (Balance  and  Stability) Fun/Modified  Games Sports a.  Ball  Badminton,  Handball,  Hockey,  Karate,  Sepaktakraw,  Wrestling,  Sqay,  Kalarippayattu, Ice  Hockey,  Kick  Boxing,  Thang  TA,  Yoga. b.  Individual  Sports  (eg.  Skating,  Rope  Skipping,  Judo,  Taekwondo,  Wushu  Kickboxing,) c.y

 Team  Games i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. Invasion  Games  (eg.  Basketball,  Kabaddi,  Football) Rally  Games  (eg.  Tennis,  Table  Tennis,  Badminton,  Squash,  Volleyball) Inning  Games  (eg.  Cricket,  Kho-Kho,  Rounders,  Softball,  Baseball,  Stoolball) Traditional  Indian  Games/Sports Olympic  Games  and  its  Sports Yoga vii.  Paralympic  Games  and  its  Sports Suggestive  traditional  Indian  Indigenous  Games 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Kabaddi Kho  Kho Pittu Bora  Daud  (Sack  Race) Ghatika/Danguli  (one  flick,  one  twist) Gherra  Rolling  (Hoop/Tyre  Rolling) Ankh  Michauli  (Blind  Man’s  Buff) Rassakasse  (Tug-of-war) Chibiddi  (Hopscotch) 10.  Pachisi  (Ludo  on  ground) 11.  Cowrie  (Shell  Game) 12.  Lakhoti  (Marbles) Other  regional  sports  and  games  (which  have  dedicated  followers  and  their  own  national  sports federations): 1. Atya  patya, Langdi,  Surr,

સ્પોર્ટ્સ ના સાધનો ખરીદી બાબતે લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

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