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Tuesday, February 8, 2022


 All your learning & exam prep needs now have one answer: Extramarks - The Learning App!

Whether you’re studying for school, preparing to crack IIT-JEE or crack NEET, here is the best educational app for you with loads of unique & innovative features to make learning effective, engaging & fun! Undoubtedly, this app is one of the best learning app for JEE, NEET & classes 1-12 aspirants

Let’s dive deep into the world of experiential learning

What makes us the best learning app!

📱 One App for Everything
Get access to school ICSE, CBSE (CBSE syllabus with CBSE video lectures & NCERT solutions), JEE courses, NEET courses (NEET previous year question papers, NEET solved question papers & more)
👪 Multiple Profiles
Create multiple profiles in this online learning app to browse through different courses
📚 Vast Question Repository
1.5 lakhs+ questions added to this live learning app for your practice
👍 Recommendations
Get recommendations to enhance your live online learning outcomes
📈 Trending Content
Know what your peers are studying & discover trending content
📋 Question Categories
Practice score boosters, high weightage questions, top trending questions
Unlimited Doubt Solving Sessions
Get unlimited in-class doubt solving support with our live learning app
👨 All classes, All boards, All subjects
Get access to NCERT solutions, JEE & NEET question papers, content for CBSE & ICSE
📖 Variety of Tests
Attempt Mock Tests, Trending Tests, get access to JEE & NEET Previous Years Question Papers
📝 Create Your Own Test
Create custom tests based on chapters & difficulty
💻 Live Classes
Attend live classes for JEE, NEET & CBSE/ICSE in English & Hindi to help you crack NEET exam, crack JEE and CBSE/ICSE

Reasons to download our live learning app

Loads of reasons make this the best learning app
✔️ Single, common online learning app
✔️ Best app for NEET preparation & JEE preparation
✔️ Holistic Learn-Practice-Test pedagogy
✔️ Custom recommendation based learning
✔️ Performance analysis & tracking
✔️ Curated by top subject experts & faculties
✔️ Comprehensive NCERT solutions
✔️ Anytime, anywhere learning
✔️ Unlimited doubt resolution

JEE entrance exam preparation - Mains & Advanced + NEET Preparation App
The rigor, concept clarity & practice needed to crack IIT-JEE & to crack NEET is provided with this live learning app, updated as per the latest exam pattern of JEE & NEET syllabus. Attend live classes for JEE & live classes for NEET along with in-class doubt-solving support to aide your JEE entrance exam preparation. Students in classes 11 & 12 looking for NEET & JEE entrance exam preparation do not need to go anywhere – they can create multiple profiles on this NEET preparation app & IIT-JEE preparation app, which is the best learning app for JEE & best app for NEET preparation. The app is all rolled into one – IIT JEE preparation App, NEET preparation App, with full coverage

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