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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Swachchh vidyalay puraskar 2022 ||NOMINATION APPLY ONLINE


Swachh Bharat: Swachh Vidyalaya puraskar

Swachh Bharat: Swachh Vidyalaya is that the national campaign driving ‘Clean India: Clean Schools’. A key feature of the campaign is to confirm that each faculty in Bharat incorporates a set of functioning and well maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. 

Water, sanitation and hygiene in faculties refers to a mix of technical and human development parts that ar necessary to provide a healthy faculty setting and to develop or support acceptable health and hygiene behaviours. The technical parts embody potable, handwashing,toilet and soap facilities within the faculty compound to be used by kids and lecturers. The human development parts ar the activities that promote conditions inside the varsity and also the practices of youngsters that facilitate to stop water, hygiene and sanitation connected diseases.

previous years, analysis was done on the idea of 5 classes beneath 'Clean college Package', in which 1. water a pair of. toilet three.  Soap laundry Facility four. Maintenance and Repair five. Behavior modification and capability Building · The 2020 Kovid-19 epidemic affected faculties similarly as children's education, with the addition of a series of 'Kovid-19'. state and Feedback 'Name one. water four vi. CC 1. water. 

a minimum of one supply of water.  .  Checking of water quality, distance of water supply from Jajru absorption pit ten in non-residential college one.5 liters per student per day (5 liters per day for residential school): capability of storage tank as per daily demand  . five liters per student in non-residential college (15 liters for residential school).  One operating faucet of water in every jajru.  One purpose of water per thirty students.4- COVID - nineteen Preparation and response (12) one. Safety and hygiene set up and strict adherence to protocol for health and safety a pair of. 

Strict adherence to the employment of "face cowl / mask" in the least times three. Safe body distance (2 yards ( vi ft)) - Strict adherence to activities / operations four. {the college|the varsity|the college} strictly and completely ensures that nobody within the school can spit within the open.  7. convenience of non-public protecting instrumentation (sanitary staff, MDM, emergency requirement) eight. convenience of cleansing instrumentation / provides (mops, broom, clothes, spa, cleaners etc.) 9. Frequent cleansing of all floors (classrooms, corridors, kitchens, stores, alternative areas / spaces) ten. Frequent cleansing of alternative surfaces ofttimes touched with pesticides eleven. Separate isolation space for suspicious case twelve. COVID - nineteen show use of IEC materials and instrumentation appropriate for special youngsters

A) Front read {of college|of faculty|of college} and field b) icon showing school premises, overall cleanliness of faculty premises c) operating rest room for separate operating bogs for boys and ladies (2 photos) d) CWSN.  (CwSN) e) Nutrition garden in class f) furnace combustion system for disposal of healthful waste g) Use of loo and soap / hand laundry facility before lunch (photo of each) h) Water quality take a look at report i) Teacher coaching certificate / knowledge Verification Team (on - ground verification) * knowledge Verification Team - Screening and verification committees at block and district level ought to have an area for each men and ladies.  .  

Block Sanitation Award Committee - A Block Level Award Committee are shaped beneath the billet of Taluka Primary Education Officer (TPEO) or Taluka Development Officer (TDO), comprising of Block Resource arranger (BRC), Taluka Resource Person (TRP) of Civil Department,  A health officer, 2 academics, a minimum of 2 members of the SMC and a representative from a CSO or organization operating within the space.  District Sanitation Award Committee - a neighborhood Level Award Committee are shaped beneath the billet of District Collector (or his appointee) or District Development Officer, comprising District Education Officer (DEO), District Primary Education Officer (DPEO), District Project Engineer (DPE), District Gender. arranger, District MIS, District academics coaching arranger, Chief District Health Officer, government Engineer PHED / PRD, 3 academics and a representative of CSO or organization operating within the space. 2021-22 1. Please review the desired info from the guide and prepare the knowledge before responsive digitally2.  

SVP Question Answer PDF

SVP Application

SVP Video

SVP 2022 teachers' orientation- Gujarat

જો આપ અમારી વેબસાઈટ ઉપર પ્રથમ વખત મુલાકાત લેતા હોય તો આવી લેટેસ્ટ શૈક્ષણિક અપડેટ મેળવવા માટે અમારું whatsapp ગ્રુપમાં આજે જોડાઈ જવું

Please bear in mind of some potential minor enhancements which will facilitate WASH compliance, as an example.  .  .  Dustbins coated with latch bogs in doors / hooks for hanging cloths. Complete hygiene of faculty field. convenience of soap, water, disinfectant. Provision of water storage / instrumentation management with solid and liquid waste doya (including dustbins in main areas). PRN, please have nine class photos prepared for fast submission.  .. furnace Bury System for Disposal of healthful Waste - Not Applicable for primary school, will write in daring on paper "Not Applicable" and may insert icon "Water Quality take a look at Report" Coordinated with PHE, WASMO at District Level "Teacher coaching Certificate  / Document "- District ought to offer facility if needed.  4. do not watch for the day of reckoning

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