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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Teachers pathdarshika for daily administrative work in the school

Teachers pathdarshika for daily administrative work in the school

Head teacher's fur regarding lunch.  Teachers lndar.pdf teacher to play around in the context of lunch.  Performance and performance of the education inspector administration.  .  .  .  Statistical information of teachers and students of Porbandar district regarding maintenance and disposal of dead stock General information about leave General teacher's setup table in primary school Shri M.  like this .

 There was a special need in the primary education administration world for the "Primary Teacher Pathdarshika" Pathdarshika for the day to day management of the primary school.  I have read this guide in the form of a compilation with great effort. Y: alk in I I have read this guide, to keep the attendance sheets as an elementary teacher up-to-date, to ensure the attendance of teachers during school duty, to make bright students double standard, to reduce irregular student names. 

 Provision of the statutory duties of the principal, school principals and teachers, etc., for conducting examinations from outside students, conducting educational tours / tours, duties of teachers and head teachers in respect of lunch, etc. will be useful to teachers and principals on a daily basis.  , Maintenance of Dead Stock, Exclusion of Canceled Items, Maintenance of School Record Register  The legal provisions of the time limit etc. are covered in this book, which is to be commended by the teacher leaders for their hard work and coordination.  public ane CRTA de = vo), 4G 24 LTE1 A In addition to this, the pathfinder has made this pathfinder more compelling by giving definitions, ideas in the sense of education in different parts.

  District Primary Education Officer District Panchayat Office Id is dif51 Porbandar.  Apart from this, number of schools in Porbandar district, classification of teachers, students as well as pay.  - List of Centers etc. Fact oriented as well as statistical information has been presented to show the real situation of the district.  LIFEIFT ||  3 In the construction of this guide, Shri Dinesh Kumar G.  Vachani, Shri Naginbhai H.  Madalani, Shri Arvindbhai g.  Chauhan, Shri Lakhabhai K.  Chavda and Shri Laxmangiri S. 

 Goswami's contribution is uniquely noteworthy, it deserves all thanks and best wishes.  My best wishes to that survey.  Lastly, as the District Primary Education Officer, I wish that this guideline would be useful for the teachers, principals, BIT inspectors as well as the office staff involved in the administration of primary education.  Venue: Porbandar Date: 6/7/8 30 3 33 39 ** m.  like this .  Javia District Primary Education Officer, District Panchayat Office, Porbandar.  45 3:

, Principal All Primary Schools Principal Taluka Primary Schools Subject: - Matter of attendance of teachers during school duty time.  District Primary Winter Officer, Porbandar.  vo), 4G 24 LTE1 A District Education Committee, Porbandar, Ta.  With the recent visit of various primary schools in the district, some assistant teachers, principals as well as the principals of the taluka schools get the answer that they have changed their work in the taluka school or taluka panchayat education branch for administrative work.  Such mentions are also found in the leaflets. During the visit it is also seen that CL report of absence of any teacher is seen in the school but leave is not mentioned in the attendance register of the teachers. 

From now on the responsibility of the principal will be considered.  We will be compelled to take further action if any teacher is found to be absent during his / her duty time without the written order of the superior office.  And be sure to get a written statement indicating the time of stay which is included with the attendance sheet of the teachers of that month.  Department officials are not allowed to check visit book or other records. 

 It has been observed that every principal should leave the school only after submitting the necessary records like visit book etc. to any responsible teacher after him.  Intoxication  Plan |  ૪ |  ૬ Circular: - Permission or order to any subordinate teacher to go out of school (on duty) on the pretext of any government information during school hours - duty should not be given by any principal and also not to leave school himself.  Each school maintains an on-duty register.  || 

Primary teachers pathdarshika

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 For copy report and execution: Education Inspector Shri  Education Universal Education / Lunch - No teacher, principal or taluka school principal should be called to the office (on duty) during the period of his duty except the order of all these offices.  If there is a special need, give a written order. Report it to this office and give a written example to the teacher detailing the attendance and the work done.  District Primary Education Officer District Panchayat Office, Porbandar.  District Panchayat, Porbandar,

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