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Monday, March 28, 2022


 Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board Gandhinagar has announced online application so that candidates can apply for filling up the vacancies of Panchayat Seva Chief Sevika from Class-III to Class-III through direct recruitment. The details of the application are as under:

 Things to keep in mind when applying online

 Candidate does not have to upload any certificate while applying online only certificates while applying online I have to apply details online.  In addition to keeping the certificate of filling details while applying online, if the details in the application are found to be incorrect or inconsistent at the time of verification of certificates, the candidate will be eligible for selection or cancellation of appointment.  The details filled in by the candidate taking special note cannot be checked anywhere

 Written competitive examination method and selection process

 The examination will be conducted with optical marketing method with full purpose questions and written examination with omr method with full purpose questions will be organized by the board. The entire examination oriented programs for this purpose will be broadcast separately.  Instructions for stay are given. Full details of written competition examination will be given by the applicant while applying online via SMS on the given mobile number so that in the application form the concerned candidate must state his / her current mobile number.

 For widow candidates

 If a woman candidate herself is a scholar then the details of her credentials have to be displayed online in the relevant column in the online application form. Only women can apply in these recruitment related vacancies.  An affidavit stating that remarriage has not been submitted at the time of verification of the certificate before the Appointing Authority.  As will be added to the candidates

 For ex-soldier women candidates

 Considering the provisions of Reservation of Vacancy for Ex-Servicemen, the candidates have to bring in the application form regarding Modi soldier and the certificate of the authorized officer with details of the period of full duty.  Candidates are compensated against the category to which they belong

 Physical Disability i.e. for Disabled Women Candidates

 Physical Disability i.e. Candidates with Disabilities reserved 4% against the selected candidate which will be compensated against the candidates of that category. For Divine Candidates the seats as per paragraph two, three and 6.3 of the advertisement are reserved.  Only those who have more or less deserve the benefits of this paralysis

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