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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Mukhymantri shishyavruti yojana ||knowledge consortium of gujarat 2022

Mukhymantri shishyavruti yojana ||knowledge consortium of gujarat 2022

 for students who are economically weak.  In this article today, we will be sharing Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat Physical Research Laboratory.  As shown in the resolution dated 01-09-2018, the students who have passed the standard 12 science and general stream examinations of the recognized board from the schools in the state of Gujarat and are studying in the graduate courses and are eligible in the following seven categories are eligible to get benefits under Hon'ble CM Scholarship Scheme. 

(1)  Girls who have passed Std-12 examination from schools in 20 talukas with less than 50% female literacy rate, 

(2) are natives of Gujarat State and have been killed in the line of duty or have been permanently disabled due to war, terrorism, Naxalism.  Children of Central or State Reserve Police Force and Gujarat Police Force personnel of paramilitary forces.  Children of parents with more disabilities or children with more than 50% disability themselves, (2) children of widows, 

Auro Scholar is a nationwide micro-scholarship program with a focus on encouraging K-12   students in India to improve their learning outcomes. With a one-of-its-kind format, Auro Scholar incentivizes learning through monthly micro scholarships that act as a learning nudge for the students.

Auro Scholar, an educational e-scholarship app, empowers students and parents to utilize the scholarship amount to pay for their education-based expenses, in addition to providing them valuable insights about their weak areas.

Key Features:  

• Micro scholarships for Indian students of K-12 Grade

• 10-minutes quizzes to win scholarships online

• No registration charges 

• Online scholarship tests at comfortable timing

• Monthly scholarships for students up to INR 1000

• Students can attempt the subject-specific quiz thrice a month 

• Scholarship amount gets credited in parent’s mobile wallet

(3) orphans whose parents have both died, 

(4) children of divorced women.  New students who have passed the standard 12 science and general stream examinations of the recognized board and got admission in the first year in the graduating academic year 2061-6 will have to apply online https: //  For students receiving assistance in the year 2020-21, the second third / fourth year will be able to apply for online renewal.  

Last date to apply  It is 31-04-205.  

Official website CLICK HERE

Become Sr. / Honorable / Amad / 151/303.  From the smallest year onwards, the coma parts of which both the parents are dying cells,  After passing the recognized Mani Locker's education and general stream examination, graduates will have to apply for a new primary school visa in the year 2018 https: // Nanji.  

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