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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Reaction trainning android box cloud storage


Train and test your reaction speed. Can you improve yourself?

Do you agree that good reflexes and reaction speed at any age only have a positive effect?

If you want to train your reaction speed and reflexes or just want to check the speed of your reaction - you found the right app. It has everything that you need to improve your reflexes and reaction! Believe us, training can also be fun when it’s done like the game 😉

Some of you may perceive this app as a game and you might be right. But our main task was to help people develop and train their reaction speed. Everything in our life happens very quickly, and a split second can affect your life. In addition to improving the speed of your reaction and thinking, the positive effect of using the game will be to speed up your reflexes, develop logical thinking and peripheral vision, as well as train stress resistance and concentration in everyday life.

• Flexible settings, set complications for some exercises, remove countdown if needed, change repetitions for the exercise.
• Ability to see statistics for each exercise
• Ability to change the theme if needed.
• Great gameplay for maximum convenience.
• Can help gamers who, engaged in cybersport.
• This game recommended for ALL ages!

In this game, you will find over 30 small games to train reaction. And here are some of them:

• Schulte table exercise.
• Practice with math exercises.
• Sound reaction test.
• Reaction time to the vibration.
• Simple color change level.
• Practice with the textual representation of numbers.
• Test quick numbers count.
• Moving figure level.
• Eye memory exercise.
• Train reaction to color changes in different cells of the table.
• Check the swipe reaction time.
• Practice in aiming level.
• Improve reaction time to moving shapes.

Pse SSE રાજ્ય પરીક્ષા બોર્ડ દ્વારા લેવાયેલ પરીક્ષા પરિણામ જાહેર

• Memory test.
• Test peripheral vision.
• Color matching text level.
• F1 start lights test.
• Spatial imagination reaction.
• Test click limit.
• Shapes comparing level.
• Shake exercise.
• Number ordering practice.
• Train quick click on the random aim.

Download application click here

All you need is diligence. Train every day, and the result won't be long in coming. You will improve your reaction time.

If you have difficulty with any of the levels - just try to think out of the box. Each of the game exercises is POSSIBLE to pass. You will succeed ⭐

છત્તીસ ગઢ માં NPA કપાત બંધ કરી GPF ચાલુ  બાબત લેટર

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