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Monday, June 13, 2022


  Office of the Director of Primary Education  School  entrass Ceremony-204 Immediate / Important Block No. 18/1, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gu.Ra.  Gandhinagar, Dt. 3/06/207 Per, - District Education Officer, All - District Primary Education Officer, All - Govt.  Reference: Correspondence of Education Department: PRE / 1903 / CFA.  - 2/3, dated 05/06/207. 

  concerning the above subject, it has been  clear to organize a joint program of urban area and  country area during the girls' education festival and school entrance ceremony program of the year 205-6 on June 2, 3 and 4, June 207 (Thursday to Saturday) from the  recommendation letter of the education department.  .  Guidelines have been sent along with this for the purpose of proper planning of this program.  One has to ensure that the instructions are followed.  In addition, regarding the planning of Praveshotsav-207, a briefing meeting will be organized on 20/02/207 at 12-00 pm at Sabarmati Hall, Swarnim Sankul-1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar in the place of Hon'ble Chief Minister.  Which will be  transmit live via Byseg. 

 All the primary school teachers are asked to make sure that all the primary school teachers watch the  transmit from the district level.  Enclosure - Guidance Instructions, Review Format Director of Primary Education G.R.  Ganghinagar Girls' Education Festival and School Entrance Ceremony 303-7.  Guidelines regarding the work to be done from the district level 

0 1 Girls Education Festival and School Entrance Ceremony 203-2 Guidelines regarding the work to be done from district level (1) Program planning for rural and urban area.  June 2, 3 and 4, 203 are scheduled.  (3) Admission ceremony program should be organized in all government primary schools of the state during the suggested days.  (3) The office bearers / officers going from the state level will have to allot one taluka and the route of three primary schools of the same cluster of the same taluka will have to be allotted. 

 Thus three schools will have to be assign every day in three different  bunch of the same taluka.  To select a more student and larger school for  agreement coming from the state level taking into account the geographical location;  Allocate the schools included in the first phase of SoE (Schools of Excellence) as far as possible and send the list to the office here.  (A) First Primary School from 9:00 am to 8:30 am (b) 10:00 am to 11:30 am Second Primary School (a) 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Third Primary School and CRC in Third School  Will have to organize a cluster review meeting. 

 Also to organize a review meeting at taluka level by BRC on 16th June 20.00 to 12.00 hrs.  In which a presentation with the achievements and future planning of all the schools of the taluka will have to be presented.  All the dignitaries allotted in that taluka should be informed in advance to attend this review meeting.  (3) Officers / officers going from district level will have to allot three primary schools of the same cluster in one day.  As well as route, school selection criteria and other ancillary procedures will have to be done as per issue no.2.  (2) The District Primary Education Officer shall be responsible for making routes and delivering kits to the concerned office bearers / officers from State and District level. 

 The District Education Officer will have to provide necessary cooperation in this operation.  (2) After preparing the list of Hon'ble Ministers, office bearers and officers participating in the program from the state level, the details / list of the district in which they will participate in the program will be sent from the Education Department level.  (2) Details of the taluka in which the dignitaries will be present from the state level will be given by the state level.  The District Primary Education Officer will have to make the route keeping in view the distance of government primary schools under the cluster.  

And to outline the time bound program to the visiting dignitaries and to appoint a liaison officer with each dignitary.  (2) By determining the route of the district, to prepare the route of dignitaries coming from the state level as well as the list of district level office bearers / officers who will participate in which the Hon'ble Member of Parliament, MLA, District Panchayat, Corporation, Nagarpalika,

0: Honorable Members of Education Committee, MPs, MLAs, District Panchayats, Corporations, Nagarpalika Taluka Panchayat office bearers, social leaders should also be included.  To give outline of time bound program to the visiting office bearer / officer and to appoint a liaison officer with the dignitary.  2 (2) The kit to be given to the office bearer / officer shall be purchased by the District Primary Education Officer.  (10) Allocating clusters to state and district level office bearers / officers. 

પ્રવેશોત્સવ માં NMMS પરીક્ષા માં મેરીટ માં આવેલ બાળકો નું સન્માન કરવા બાબત

પ્રવેશોત્સવ 2022માં શાળાઓમાં આવનાર અધિકારી પદાધિકારી નું લિસ્ટ

 Admission program will have to be conducted through.  (11) The preparation of the kit related to the program and its distribution to the state level office bearers / officers as well as the district level officers should be done by the concerned district offices on time, at least three days in advance.  (13) Information / literature of education related schemes will be prepared and given to the district / town by the entire education office.  Which will have to be included in the kit.  As a literature, details of projects undertaken by the education department last year to improve the quality of education, a brochure showing the achievements of the education department, a list of children eligible for admission in Std.  of Schools) to prepare a list of children who are eligible for admission in Anganwadi  Inclusion of estimation  details of schools under Gunotsav 2.0 in the kit. 

પ્રવેશોત્સવ ડીટેઈલ સૂચનાઓ પરિપત્ર ડીકલેર તા.૧૩/૦૬/૨૦૨૨

 ધોરણ 1 ના વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે “વિદ્યાપ્રવેશ” સાહિત્યના ઉપયોગ બાબત પરિપત્ર 

Information on other facilities available in schools such as computer lab, smart class, etc.  (13) Grants will be allotted to the District Primary Education Officer by the Office of the Director of Primary Education for the celebration of the program and its publicity.  

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(12) To convene the following assessment committee meetings of district / municipal area.  School Admission Festival  executive Committee District Education Committee 1 Relevant District Collector Shri President ૨  pertinent District Panchayat President Shri Member ૩  applicable District Development Officer Shri Member District Primary Education Officer Shri Member Secretary Relevant District Education Officer Shri K |  Relevant District Education and Training Bhavan Principal Member Chairman, District Education Committee Member (Relevant  second Director  details ) 

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