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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Bal sansad aayojan in school||Full materials of school activity


Bal sansad Activity of children

Sansad Television is the Parliamentary channel of India. It was created in 2021 by merging Lok Sabha Television and Rajya Sabha Television. Apart from telecasting the live proceedings of the Lower House and the Upper House of Indian Parliament, Sansad Television is committed to objectively presenting the various facets of a vibrant democracy. As a public broadcaster, the channel aims to bring people closer to their elected representatives by making the work of parliamentary and legislative bodies of India accessible to all. 

It is a platform that provides not only an insightful perspective on national and international affairs but also promotes scientific temper among people while shining a light on all aspects of their political, economic, social and cultural life. Sansad Television is dedicated to empowering the people of India — by promoting greater accountability and transparency in governance.

અહીંથી જુઓ અક્ષર સુધારવાની રીતનો વિડિયો

BAL SANSAD Children’s Parliament

The future of children is shaped in primary schools. Also, children have higher learning speeds than adults. He immediately assimilates these behavioral habits. Schools provide knowledge to children as well as indirectly involve parents and the community. At the same time children are effective role models. They teach other children as well as siblings whatever new good behavior they learn in school.

the same time he learns to solve problems through self-motivation. Socialization of Sutevo: Children are seen as carriers of change. The child learns quickly. At the same time, he teaches everything he has learned from siblings, friends and parents. Moreover, his teaching style is simple, candid and therefore effective.

         parents,students,teachers & management to get or upload information about student. Once the app is installed on the mobile phone, student,parent,teacher or management  starts getting or uploading information for student or staff attendance, homework, results, circulars, calendar, fee dues, library transactions, daily remarks, etc.

 The best part of school is that, it frees schools from mobile sms gateways which most of the times get choked or barred in case of emergency. Another interesting feature of the app is that the information till the last update can be viewed even if there is no internet connectivity on the mobile.

BAL SANSAD Children’s Parliament


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