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Friday, July 15, 2022



 Learn with read-to-me books, ebooks, stories & videos for grade school children

A leading digital reading platform, Epic offers a fun, safe and enriching space loved by kids, parents and teachers. Kids are able to read on their own at any level, and parents and teachers can track kids’ reading activity and send kudos to keep them motivated. With instant, anytime access to a library of 40,000+ books, audiobooks, learning videos and more, it fuels curiosity and reading confidence.


Epic Basic: 

With Epic Basic you can try Epic for free. It offers 1 book a day at no cost, then you can upgrade to get unlimited access to our full library.  

Epic Unlimited:

Epic Unlimited gives you unlimited access to a growing library of 40,000+ popular, award-winning, high-quality books videos and more, anytime, anywhere. 

* Audiobooks, Read-To-Me books, and thousands of fun, interactive learning videos

* Spanish-, French- and Chinese-language books

* Personalized recommendations based on interests and reading level 

* 24/7 online access, as well as offline access for on-the-go reading

* In-app progress tracking and weekly progress emails for parents

* Badges, quizzes and rewards for motivation, plus their very own Reading Buddy

* Up to 4 individual child profiles included

* Subscription required

Epic School:

Epic School is free for elementary school educators worldwide. Educators use our award-winning digital library to supercharge reading and learning in their classrooms. 

Tons of high-quality, educational children's books, including Read-To-Me books and audiobooks.

*Grade-specific, high-interest topics across languages & genres

* Ability to create student profiles and assign books 

* Personalized recommendations based on students’ reading levels and interests

* Ideal for independent reading and research

* Progress tracking between in-class and at-home reading

* Incentives like special badges  to motivate and reward progress


Our award-winning platform offers a huge variety of titles from leading publishers like Scholastic, National Geographic, HarperCollins and more. With tens of thousands of books and learning videos (and counting), there’s something for every age, interest and reading level.

BASELINE Gauge Assessment Bhautik ane Shaikshnik Download karo.

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

નિપુણ ભારત અંતર્ગત FLN માટે બેઝલાઇન સર્વે હાથ ધરવાનો છે.

આ માટે શાળાને ધો. ૧ થી ૪ નું ધોરણ વાર ટૂલ આપવામાં આવશે. જેની મદદથી શિક્ષકે બાળકોનું મૂલ્યાંકન કરવાનું થશે.

આ પ્રેઝન્ટેશનનો અભ્યાસ દરેક શિક્ષકે કરવો

The Epic library has everything from picture books to chapter books, Read-To-Me books, audiobooks, graphic novels, comics, nonfiction and educational titles, educational videos and more. Our library also contains Spanish-, French- and Chinese-language books.

Some well-known books and series include:

Curious George

Goodnight Moon

Sesame Street

Flat Stanley

National Geographic

Ramona Quimby

Diary of a Wimpy Kid


The Girl Who Drank the Moon

* Plus, our popular Epic Originals!

Gunotsav 2.0 Shala Mulyankan mate suchano

Download Gunotsav 2.0 Suchano : Click Here

બેઝલાઈન સર્વે કઈ રીતે કરવું તે વિડિયો

Read Along (formerly Bolo) is a free and fun speech based reading tutor app designed for children aged 5 and above.

It helps them improve their reading skills in English and many other languages (Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Spanish & Portuguese) by encouraging them to read aloud interesting stories and collect stars and badges together with "Diya", the friendly in app assistant.

Diya listens to children when they read and offers realtime positive feedback when they read well and helps them out when they get stuck - even when offline & without data!

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