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Saturday, July 2, 2022

life Skill Balmela||All gujarat primary schools||year 2022 23

 All Mr.  According to the above topic, GCERT organizes Balmela activities in two sections every year to impart various life skills to the students.  Out of which a children's fair is organized for the students of standard 1 to 5 as well as a life skills based children's fair is organized for the students of standard 6 to 8.  GIET, Ahmedabad and GCERT have jointly organized the activities during the summer festival and the activities mentioned in the Vidyapravera module.

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  Here is a QR code to view the activities done during the summer festival, which can be scanned to see the activities done during the Gausmotsav.  Attempts are made to unleash the resilience of the students through the medium.  1. Main Objectives of Balmela Subject: - Regarding the planning of Balmela and Life Skill Fair in the year 2022-2023.  The dormant powers in the students come out. The students get psychosocial fitness. The students get knowledge with entertainment by doing various fun activities.  ૐ Students develop a spirit of cooperation, leadership, democracy, entrepreneurship, etc. 

Creativity and originality develop in the students. Students develop various skills useful in life practice. 2. The main objectives of the Life School Fair.  By honing the physical and mental abilities of the students through life skills, holistic development of their personality, hobby of living a healthy, successful, happy and peaceful life.  Resolving small and big issues on your own will further develop the relationship between the self-reliant school and the society. 

 Ashram School, KGBV Model School on the first day of Std. 1 to 5 |||  Children's fair for lakhs and on the next day std.  Life Skill Fair for children from 6 to 8 should be organized by 15-07-2022. 2. The following sample topics can be kept in the activity under the name of "Talk Show" in both the Children's Fair and Like Skill Fair this year.  These topics are just an example.  Through your experience, child fair and life skills fair based topics can be added.  ) 

The theme of the six "talk shows" is "Save the environment, save the country".  Some of the activities that can be organized under my social duty child fair are class level.  India of my dreams My school My thoughts primary |  1st to 5th Level 5811 Upper Primary 6th to 8th Life Skill (Life Skills) Some of the activities that can be organized under Balmela - Level Standard Life Skill Fair Some of the activities that can be organized  Cat laying, tire puncture repair, body hygiene, addictive damage, etc. can be used in various activities of life. To increase the connection between school and society.  Some of the activities that can be organized are children's story, children's story based drama, pottery, printing scissors, embroidery drawing, carving, coloring, paper work, children's games, minute puzzles, comedy court, song-music acting puppet show math joke, best from the West, science fiction  Etc. 

.  This includes the proposed assessment monitoring form for the monitor.  During the children's fair which must be filled and analyzed and conclusions can be drawn.  Which should include the following points.  (Only in Gujarati Shruti font) * Introduction.  • • .. Main Objectives .. Various activities done during the program.  ) Children's response and parents' response.  

પ્રતિ Feedback from SMC members and feedback from the monitoring team.  Evaluation - Response analysis and findings  Planning of Khal Mela and Life Skill Mela, letters, minutes of meetings, monitoring etc. 6. Grants have been allotted to all diets for Bal Mela and Lyskol Mela.  Whose form is attached to this.  7. 

According to the number of schools sent by you for Bal Mela and Life Skill Life Skills Fair based on the number of students, Government Primary Schools of the district, Shis Sanchalit Primary School in the town, Mahanagar Prashis Sanyalit Prala, KGBV, Ashram School  , Model School (Standard-1 to 8) Each school will be allotted a grant based on the number of students as per RTG at the school level.  0 ||  M '' 2.  5 6 Number of students per school Amount 1 to 100 3. 800 101 to 20 3. 1000 201 to 100 3. 1200 401 to 600 601 to 800 901 to 1000 1001 More 3. 100 31. 1600.  Information on school level expenses will have to be obtained within a month after the Balmela Laiskil Mela is held in the district.

Balmela 2022 23 પરિપત્ર CLICK HERE

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સંપૂર્ણ ફાઇલ બાળમેલો 2022 

 After the children's fair is held in the district, its photographs, video clips / documentary report should be posted on the DIET website, a copy of the report from the District Primary Education Officer, All through - DIET - District Project Coordinator, All through - DIET) - Govt.  After the event, the Diet Utilization Certificate has to be sent to GCERT.  (Included with this. Honor on note. As per permission received from the Director, enclosure: (1) Grant calculation form per school (2) Evaluation for child fair - Monitoring form (3) Evaluation monitoring form for life skill fair (4) Year: 206-205  UTIVISION CERTIFICATE OF CHILD FAIR AND WIFE SKILL FAIR VR GOSAI) Secretary GCERT, Gandhinagar 3: 3

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