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Friday, July 8, 2022


 CRC Monitoring System is to facilitate School and Class observation on the Android platform for easy and smooth monitoring system. Useful in managing inspection related activities of competent authority and also monitor the performance of the school

unique, interactive, and fun conversational quizzing platform

However, Principal, District Education and Training Bhavan, all District Primary Education Officers, all Govt.  With the approval of the Director regarding the above subject, the district wise list of schools which will be accredited by the School Inspectors (DAD) under Gunotsav 2.0 is attached herewith.  In the schools as per this list, Dat.  School accreditation will be conducted from 11/07/2022 to 23/07/2022 which is to inform you.  Note: Accidentally accredited schools may change in the event of contingency.  Copy Courtesy Report Good Director, Primary Education, Gandhinagar 

 .: GCERT / G5QAc / 2022 / 206-2 Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training, Vidya Bhavana, Sector-12, Gandhinagar Phone: (079) 23256813 - 39 Director (079) 23256808 Secretary: (079) 23255813 E-mail: Date: 08/07/2022 (VR Gosai) Secretary GCERT, Gandhinagar: 3

We bring you the power of conversational AI in education! ConveGenius is India's best conversational platform for learning.

We have weekly educational quizzes for you in a fun, conversational format. ConveGenius is an app that helps mould every student into a star!

Why ConveGenius?


ConveGenius's AI-based chatbot provides weekly quizzes for you based on your very own classroom schedule! We have partnered with your State to provide you with highly relevant quizzes and remedial videos.


ConveGenius talks to you in your languages like a teacher, parent, or friend.


ConveGenius sends you 3 quizzes weekly so that you have the time and energy to learn at your own pace without being overwhelmed.

G-Shala is a platform-agnostic and device-independent App which provides digital interactive 2D/3D augmented e-Content mapped with textbooks for all the subjects, including Science & General streams in Std.11-12. 

The G-Shala App also offers guided learning with reference/ supplementary materials, topics mapped with Learning Outcomes, virtual simulations for laboratory experimental simulations, pre-classroom modules for teachers, instructor Led videos as well as self-learning & self-assessment modules for students.

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0. રિપોર્ટ અંગે ચેકલિસ્ટ અને ભાવિ આયોજન ફાઈલ

સ્કૂલ ઇન્સ્પેક્ટર ચેકલિસ્ટ ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 માં ગ્રીન રોડ કલર મેળવવા માટે કઈ રીતે આયોજન કરવું તે બાબતનું મોડ્યુલ

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