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Friday, August 12, 2022

chole bhature recipe | chhole bhature | |

 chole bhature recipe | chhole bhature |  |   

chole bhature recipe | chhole bhature | chana bhatura | chola batura with detailed photo and video recipe. a tasty meal combo recipe made with spicy and flavoured chana masala with a deep-fried puri. it is a popular street food meal in northern india, particularly in the punjab, delhi area, but also in rawalpindi pakistan. it is generally eaten as a breakfast dish with yoghurt based beverage lassi, but can be served any time of the day for a complete and satisfying meal.

chole bhature recipe | chhole bhature | chana bhatura | chola batura with step by step photo and video recipe. indian flatbreads are very commonly used across india for different types of meal. these are generally made with wheat or plain flour, but can also be made with other types of flour and served with a spicy combo curry. one such perfectly balanced curry and bread combo from north india is the chole bhature recipe, known for its spice and tangy flavour combo.

well many have this basic question, what is the difference between a puri and a bhatura. as a matter of fact, even i had this basic question while i was in school/college. for me, poori was small and homemade whereas bhatura is big and hence only served in restaurants or hotels. however, i gradually started realizing the fundamentals and difference between these 2 recipes. the main difference is the use of flour. the bhature is made with plain flour or maida flour, whereas poori is generally made with wheat flour. in addition the batura has the additional leavening agent, i.e baking soda. it helps the dough to make it rise and also inflate while deep frying. some even prefer to add yeast, but i personally recommend to use baking soda for better taste and flavour. with respect to the curry, it is a simple chana masala and the combination of these 2 makes an ideal meal.

furthermore, i would also like to add some more tips, suggestions and variations to the popular chole bhature recipe. firstly, you may also prepare the same batura with wheat flour as an alternative to plain flour. while the wheat flour can be a healthy alternative, but you may not get the same texture and taste like maida. for wheat flour, you can follow the same steps and procedures. secondly, while deep frying the bhatura, ensure the flame has to be high and also the oil has to be super hot. you may test the oil by dropping a small portion of the dough and it has to come to the top immediately. lastly, while preparing the chana masala or chole, do not forget to add the ghee tempering on top of the prepared curry. this is for the fact that it helps to reduce the spice heat and balance the flavour.

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